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Give Denials the AMA Punch

Code Connect gives you the power to overturn denials. Insurers are known to change policy when presented with the definitive guidance offered in Code Connect. All the AMA's CPT® Assistant denial busting — and accuracy boosting — reference articles are yours at a click. Simply enter a CPT® code and instantly connect with all of the CPT® Assistant articles that the AMA has published on the code since 1990.
You get:
  • Accuracy Booster: Understand codes better than you ever imagined.
  • Timesaver: Simultaneously search CPT® Assistant 2012 & 1990-2011 Archives.
  • Update Insight: Every month receive the scoop on hot topics featured in the just released issue of CPT® Assistant.
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Understand How-to Code for 10 Specialties and 2012 Code Changes
Whether you need a crash course to ramp up on a new healthcare coding specialty or need a tune-up to improve your healthcare coding accuracy, SuperCoder Survival Guides help you bring your 'A' game every time. Choose from 14 available Guides - and take your expertise to the next level. Simply click on the guide for your specialty or topic to conveniently browse chapters online. Or if you need specific information, use the keyword search to retrieve guidance on the services and procedures common to your field.
  • Time Saver: Overcome the toughest coding challenges for 10 specialties with coverage on each specialty’s top procedures, diagnoses, and payer variations
  • Instant Updater: New provider specialty or new staff? No worries! Guides on top 2012 changes per specialty get all up to speed in no time flat
  • Fast Reference: Find just the topic you need with encyclopedia chapters arranged by CPT code chapters.

Study or maintain your CPC® using these online specialty and topic guides offering 1 AAPC-approved CEU each:

Cardiology, Coding and Reimbursement, Evaluation and Management, ICD-9, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Ob-Gyn, Otolaryngology, Part B Insider, Pathology Laboratory, Pediatric, Physician Coding Update, Radiology, and Urology

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Don't Let Confusing Medical Jargon Cripple Your Reimbursement!
Physicians lose $1 Billion every year on coding mistakes. And, cryptic medical terminology is often where the trouble begins. Fortunately, offers a simple solution for deciphering your chart notes - Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary.

With Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary on your side, you don't have to have a medical degree to accurately portray your physician's services.
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