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Radiology Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Be ready for whatever radiology cases come your way with the expert advice you’ll find in your monthly Radiology Coding Alert. Written by an experienced radiology coder, this newsletter focuses on solving the real-world challenges specific to the complex world of radiology coding.

Your Journey to an Error-Free, Compliant & Profitable Radiology Practice Starts Here

Radiology Coding Alert brings you all the expert info you need to pinpoint the right diagnostic imaging, guidance, or interventional code without any confusion.
This coding newsletter will also guide you through the CPT® code changes that matter most to you, from spine, hip, and femur X-rays to percutaneous biliary procedures.
Plus, Radiology Coding Alert gives you practical, step-by-step ICD-10-CM guidance to keep your diagnosis coding compliant.


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