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Stay tuned in to smart coding strategies for your specialty with the monthly newsletter that keeps pulmonology coders in the know! Save time and reduce your workload by letting our experienced team guide you through pulmonology updates, case studies, documentation improvement, and more.

Monthly Newsletter Devoted Exclusively to Helping Your Pulmonology Practice Optimize its Coding

From maximizing your multiple scope claims to helping you identify the place of service for sleep study interpretations, Pulmonology Coding Alert has got you covered with news, analysis, and expert guidance in each monthly issue.
Every issue also delivers ICD-10-CM coding advice, featuring pulmonology’s most common diagnoses, to take the stress out of finding the right codes for your claims.
Plus, Pulmonology Coding Alert’s articles give you the details you need to apply CPT® code changes correctly, including new codes for EBUS, mediastinoscopy, and prolonged E/M services.


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