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Psychiatry Coding & Reimbursement Alert

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Coding & Reimbursement Advice for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Practices

Psychiatry Coding & Reimbursement Alert keeps your psychiatry coding on track for a compliant and profitable year. Every issue comes packed with such topics as reporting psychiatric interview services, using neuropsychological testing codes, ICD-10 coding instructions, reader questions on a range of psychiatry topics, and more so your coding accuracy, compliance, and revenue rates soar!

5 Reasons to start your subscription to Psychiatry Coding & Reimbursement Alert:
  • Instant information: Code and keyword searchable articles deliver the psychiatry info you need in seconds.
  • Practice management advisor: Get monthly updates on hot psychiatry coding and billing topics like reporting E/M with psychiatric services and negotiating payer carve outs for psychiatry services.
  • ICD-10 education: Specialty-specific ICD-10 advice ensures your diagnosis coding is spot-on.
  • Reduced compliance risk: Get coding and reimbursement advice from well-known expert Kent Moore to help you and your practice steer clear of compliance issues.
  • 24 AAPC-approved CEUs: Each year, pass quizzes on coding news from your alert issues (6 CEUs), SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs) and monthly topics from Webinars (6 CEUs) to maintain your AAPC coding certification(s).
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