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Pain Management Coding Alert

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Get tips, strategies and proper guidelines for accurately coding the pain management procedures that matter most to your practice, including facet joint injections, denervation, nerve blocks, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, intrathecal pump implants, post-op pain management, and more. Every month, Pain Management Coding Alert explains in plain English exactly what you need to know to file accurate claims. You'll also learn how to code your most common diagnoses under ICD-10-CM, helping your practice apply the new coding system with ease.

Every month, you’ll read about issues that affect your daily coding, such as:
  • Watch details to garner reimbursement for spinal RF ablation.
  • Don't miss Medicare's final decision on PILD reimbursement – and when patients might qualify for coverage.
  • Understand the differences between the AMA and Medicare stances on vertebroplasty coding.
  • Know whether you can report 99144 with epidural injections.
  • See how to break the 64493/01992 edit for separate providers.
  • Know when to report 64642 and 64615 together.
  • Know why you need to consult your payer about the need for modifier AI.
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