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Get the newsletter that’s specific to your one-of-a-kind coding needs! With each monthly issue, you’ll get can’t-miss guidance on hot topics like code updates, fee schedule news, audit red flags, outpatient compliance issues, and top areas to watch to improve coding for the specific services you provide.

Maximize Your Outpatient Pay with Easy-to-Understand Coding Advice

Outpatient Facility Coding Alert helps your facility stay profitable by covering issues important to the Outpatient Coding Alert sector – which codes are ASC approved, appropriate payment indicators, guidelines to follow, and more. Whether you’re coding epidural injections, endoscopic sinus surgery, or cataract removal, our experts can help you resolve some of the most difficult challenges that come your way.

Plus, you’ll always get the latest on code changes and CCI edits to ensure you’re filing clean claims.


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