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Otolaryngology Coding Alert cuts through the confusion of ENT coding so your claims comply with the rules while your revenue soars to new heights. Stay up to date on news affecting otolaryngology claims, get expert advice you can apply right away, and learn tips specific to the services you see.

Credible & Most Relevant Coding Advice for a Profitable Otolaryngology Practice

From helping you report nosebleeds to providing a five-step approach to coding from the op note, Otolaryngology Coding Alert specializes in practical, how-to advice from experienced coders in the Otolaryngology coding and billing field.

We also provide in-depth analysis of annual code changes to ensure you apply them correctly from the start, whether you’re reporting a sinus implant placement, a caloric vestibular test, or cerumen removal. Every issue will also arm you with step-by-step and otolaryngology-specific ICD-10-CM guidance to help you report your most common diagnoses, including rhinitis, otosclerosis, and acute respiratory infections.


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