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Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Get specialty-focused, practical guidance to keep your practice profitable and safe from audits. Our editorial team takes you step-by-step through case studies, CCI updates, and coverage news to ensure your practice stays up-to-date and ready to face oncology and hematology coding challenges head on.

Cut the Coding Confusion in Oncology & Hematology with Expert Tips & Advice

Every month, Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert updates you on must-have medical oncology and hematology coding tips for infusion administration, drug units, neoplasm diagnoses, E/M services, and more.

Count on Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert articles to keep your claims in the clear with in-depth analysis of coding changes, including how to navigate your way to the right ICD-10-CM hem/onc codes.

Latest Articles From Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert

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  • Vulvectomy : Bust 4 Myths to Avoid a $400 , Integumentary Code Error
  • E/M Coding : Here's Why Strong Notes Will Back Up Your Critical Care Claims

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