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This how-to, monthly ob-gyn coding newsletter provides real-life examples you can follow step-by-step to zero in on the right code every time. Ob-Gyn Coding Alert addresses the targeted, specialty-specific scenarios coders face every day — visits outside of the global ob package, lysis of adhesions during another procedure, complex annual visits, and more.

Complete Ob-Gyn Coding Scoop – News, Guidelines, Analysis, Advice & More

Be it allowed combos to use, payer modifiers to apply, guidelines to follow, or getting the ob-gyn specific ICD-10 info you need,  AHIMA certified ICD-10 coding instructor and certified Ob-Gyn coder Suzanne Burmeister, CPC, COBGC, provides the guidance you need to overcome your toughest Ob-Gyn coding dilemmas and make this your most profitable year ever. 

Don’t miss this special feature: Look to Ob-Gyn Coding Alert for specific, how-to instruction on ICD-10-CM codes for cleaner claims.

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