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Complete Ob-Gyn Coding Scoop – News, Guidelines, Analysis, Advice & More

This how-to, monthly ob-gyn coding newsletter provides real-life examples you can follow step-by-step to zero in on the right code every time. Ob-Gyn Coding Alert addresses the targeted, specialty-specific scenarios coders face every day — visits outside of the global ob package, lysis of adhesions during another procedure, complex annual visits, and more.

Be it allowed combos to use, payer modifiers to apply, guidelines to follow, or getting the ob-gyn specific ICD-10 info you need,  AHIMA certified ICD-10 coding instructor and certified Ob-Gyn coder Suzanne Burmeister, CPC, COBGC,provides the guidance you need to overcome your toughest Ob-Gyn coding dilemmas and make this your most profitable year ever. 

Don’t miss this special feature: Look to Ob-Gyn Coding Alert for specific, how-to instruction on ICD-10-CM codes in every issue.

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