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Face neurosurgery coding challenges with confidence. You’ll prep for code changes, learn where to focus for more accurate modifier use, dive deep into the diagnoses that neurosurgeons treat, and avoid the top denial-triggers for your specialty with the practical advice from our experienced team.

Sidestep Neurosurgery Coding Errors & Maximize Pay Using This Smart Resource

Neurosurgery Coding Alert provides tips and advice to solve the challenge of coding for complex spinal and cranial procedures. The all-neurosurgery coding newsletter also reviews best practices for coding lumbar punctures and biopsies to ensure that you recoup your full deserved pay. Every month, you get a leg up on ICD-10 as the alert’s certified coders walk you through ICD-10 codes for headache, meningitis, hydrocephalus, and other commonly used neurosurgery diagnoses.

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