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Neurology & Pain Management Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Optimize your neurology and pain management claims’ reimbursement, and cut down on delays and denials by getting updates and how-to-code info every month. You’ll stay on top of specialty-specific news and improve coding for your top procedures with the practical advice from our trusted team.

Expert Advice to Ethically Optimize Coding, Payment, and Efficiency in Neurology and Pain Management Practices

From helping you solve the challenge of coding for common neurological and pain management conditions to providing practical coding advice for neurological examinations, EEG recording, lumbar punctures, and pain relief, this trusted newsletter is just what you need to keep the payments flowing in!

This specialty newsletter also touches upon important diagnosis coding rules for conditions like migraine, meningitis, hydrocephalus, and many more, to help you keep your ICD-10-CM skills sharp.

  • Stay focused on what matters with articles dedicated to neurology and pain management.
  • Get helpful takeaways from Reader Questions in every issue.
  • Learn about coding and reimbursement changes and what they mean for you.
  • Earn 6 CEUs per year for CPC® or CANPCTM by taking quizzes on what you’ve learned.

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