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Urology Coding Alert

Modifier Roundup:

Beware Multiple Surgeon Pitfalls in Urinary Diversion Cases

A quick scan through these guidelines guarantees you'll choose the right modifier for every case.When your urologist works with another surgeon during a procedure, such as a urinary diversion, you will need to use a modifier to show the split work. But which one applies: modifier 62 or modifier 80? You'll find your answer every time by following these steps.Choose 62 for Co-SurgeonsWhen two surgeons work together to perform distinct portions of a procedure, which CPT identifies with a single reportable code, attach modifier 62 (Two surgeons), says Christy Shanley, CPC, billing manager for the University of California, Irvine department of urology. According to the AMA, "each surgeon should report his/her distinct operative work by adding the modifier 62 to the single definitive procedure code." In short, modifier 62 applies for only one primary procedure and any of its related add-on codes for each surgeon.How it works: Check the Medicare [...]

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