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Urology Coding Alert

ICD-9 2011 Update:

Rejoice in Relatively Few Urology ICD-9 Changes This Fall

Additional BMI codes help you get specific for E/M coding. Every October 1, you're faced with new diagnosis codes, code deletions, and code revisions. This year, however, you'll have minimal changes to learn for your Urology Coding . Save yourself the hassle of scouring the full list, and focus on this rundown of the changes that may affect urology practices.Count on New Personal History of Congenital Correction Code The proposed changes to ICD-9 2011 add one new personal history code specific to genitourinary congenital corrections: V13.62 (Personal history of other [corrected] congenital malformations of genitourinary system). This code is among the most significant changes for urology coders because your urologist may need to indicate this history for some patients. Example: Your urologist treats chronic prostatitis in an adult patient who had a hypospadias penile repair as a child. Adding to your claim V13.62 as well as using 601.1 (Chronic [...]

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Urology Coding Alert

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