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Urology Coding Alert

Diagnosis Coding:
Avoid the Trap of Assigning N39.0 for Every UTI Diagnosis
Hit: Check whether other anatomic sites are involved. While a urinary tract infection (UT... Read more
Surgical Focus:
Are You Using These 2 Codes for Penile Repair?
Watch for the type of injury — and don't confuse it with exploration. Coding for penile... Read more
Fitness Trackers Might Have More Regulations Coming
Lawmakers are looking at ways to keep HIPAA on pace with technology. Healthcare apps, fit... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember That 50948 Service Includes 50650
Question: We performed a robotic assisted laparoscopic distal left ureterectomy, psoas hit... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to D49.59 for Pending PSA Results
Question: How should I code an extravesical ureteroneocystostomy the urologist performed l... Read more
Reader Question:
Add Modifier 62 for Case Involving 2 Surgeons
Question: One of our urologists performed a joint case with a general surgeon which involv... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to D49.59 for Pending PSA Results
Question: What ICD-10 code is correct to indicate the pathology is still pending for a pro... Read more
Reader Question:
Code 13160 Applies to Scrotal Wound Dehiscence
Question: I'm attempting to code a case for closure of a scrotal wound based on this docum... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 52317 for Litholopaxy
Question: I'm looking for help coding for an excision of exposed urethral sling mesh via l... Read more
Reader Question:
Shunt Drainage Points to Best Priapism Code
Question: What are the best surgical codes for priapism? I don't understand how to differe... Read more
Reader Question:
Append Modifier 52 When Full Procedure Isn’t Performed
Question: The patient's Mitrofanoff stoma stenosed near the bladder end of the stoma. Our ... Read more
Reader Question:
Ultrasound Guidance Is Not Separate from Lithotripsy
Question: Is ultrasound guidance and/or fluoroscopy included in the procedure code when my... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Reporting Ureteral Stent Placement Via Ileal Conduit
Question: The urologist placed a ureteral stent via the patient's ileal conduit. He insert... Read more
Procedure Focus:
4 Tips Ensure You’re Correctly Coding Botox Injections for Urinary Dysfunction
Warning: Don't assume the diagnosis is overactive bladder. Urologists sometimes opt for B... Read more
Coding Update:
Prepare Now for Fee Schedule Changes Will Affect Your Practice
Here's the latest on what to expect in 2020. There's a lot to interest urology coders in ... Read more
Practice Management:
Be Wary of PHI Disclosures, or Potentially Pay the Price Later
Don't let incidental info sharing get your practice in hot water. Protecting patients' pe... Read more
Reader Question:
Include Full Documentation for Circumcision in Office
Question: Our urologist performed a circumcision on an infant during an office visit. Sinc... Read more
Reader Question:
Submit Multiple Units of J9030 for Instillation
Question: Can you explain to me how to code a full-vial dose (50 mg) of BCG treatment for ... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Testosterone Pellets Based on Payer Preference
Question: Our office had been using the Testopel pellets (75mg) and billing with S0189. No... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Before Coding Pelvic Exam Separately
Question: The urologist performed cystourethroscopy, removed the scope, and then performed... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Be Too Quick to Bill Catheter Supplies
Question: Can we bill for catheters if the patient couldn't be catheterized? The patient w... Read more
Reader Question:
Capture Lysis of Adhesions with Repair With a Single Code
Question: Are lysis of penile adhesions and repair of penile skin bridge the same procedur... Read more
Reader Question:
Skip Billing Xylocaine Jelly as Local Anesthetic
Question: When our urologists perform a trans-urethral destruction of prostate by rad... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Correctly Report Ureteral Stump Biopsy
Question: I am coding for biopsy of a ureteral stump that seems to have grown into the bla... Read more