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Radiology Coding Alert

Thyroid Scan Codes:

Never Assume That 79030 and 79035 Are the Correct Codes

If you report therapeutic thyroid cancer treatments with codes 79030 and 79035, you should also familiarize yourself with the other codes for radiopharmaceutical therapy, as follows:   79000 - Radiopharmaceutical therapy, hyper-thyroidism; initial, including evaluation of patient.
  79001 - ...; subsequent, each therapy
  79020 - Radiopharmaceutical therapy, thyroid suppression (euthyroid cardiac disease), including evaluation of patient
  79100 - Radiopharmaceutical therapy, polycythemia vera, chronic leukemia, each treatment
  79200 - Intracavitary radioactive colloid therapy
  79300 - Interstitial radioactive colloid therapy
  79400 - Radiopharmaceutical therapy, nonthyroid, nonhematologic
  79420 - Intravascular radiopharmaceutical therapy, particulate
  79440 - Intra-articular radiopharmaceutical therapy
  79999 - Unlisted radiopharmaceutical therapeutic procedure.

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