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Radiology Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Report Two Codes for Triple Scan

Question: How should we code a triple-contrast computed tomography (CT) scan? New Hampshire Subscriber Answer: During a triple-contrast CT scan, the radiologist scans the abdomen, pelvis or both areas with intravenous contrast, and again after administration of oral and rectal barium contrast.

You should report 74160 (Computed tomography, abdomen; with contrast material[s]) for the abdomen CT scan and/or 72193 (Computed tomography, pelvis; with contrast material[s]) for the pelvic CT scan. The oral and/or rectal barium contrast is included in these two CT scans. Medicare does not pay separately for the barium contrast administration. You should retain an order for both the abdominal and pelvic CT if you render the services in an office or a freestanding imaging center.  

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