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Radiology Coding Alert

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Modifier PD: Verify Hospital Ownership

Question: If we perform a diagnostic X-ray for a Medicare patient at our office and the patient then undergoes inpatient surgery, are we required to append modifier PD?Georgia SubscriberAnswer: If you're coding for a physician practice that is wholly owned or operated by a hospital, and the patient is admitted to that hospital within three days, you should append modifier PD (Diagnostic or related nondiagnostic item or service provided in a wholly owned or operated entity to a patient who is admitted as an inpatient within 3 days) to the codes for any diagnostic or related non-diagnostic services you provided. You must apply the modifier to relevant services as of July 1, 2012.Practices self-designate whether they're owned or operated by a hospital during Medicare enrollment. The hospital is responsible for alerting you if the patient is admitted.Tip: If you report a code that has both professional and technical components, modifier [...]

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