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Radiology Coding Alert

CPT® Update:

Get a Handle on Radiology Coding for 2013 With This Overview

From cervical X-rays to thrombolysis, the New Year has a lot of changes in store. Here's a quick look at the changes expected for CPT® 2013. Radiology Coding Alert will bring you the specifics with practical tips and guidelines in the coming months. (Remember, there's a chance additional revisions could be made before the code set becomes official in the fall.) Fluid removal from chest: Pneumocentesis and thoracentesis codes 32420-32422 will be deleted. New codes for pleural aspiration (32554, 32555) and pleural drainage (32556, 32557) will take their place. Tube thoracostomy code 32551 will be revised to specify that it's an open procedure. (See "CPT® 2013" on page 81 for more details.) Catheter introduction: Moderate sedation is now included in catheter introduction codes for the vena cava (36010) and extremity arteries (36140). Cervical, cerebral, and carotid angiography: Expect to see eight new codes (36221-+36228) that each represent both catheter placement [...]

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Radiology Coding Alert

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