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Radiology Coding Alert


0234T-0238T Offer Chance to Capture Cath Reimbursement

Don't confuse the rules for these codes with those for 37220-+37235.You may have mastered the 2011 Category I updates for revascularization coding, but if you ignore Category III codes, your claims aren't fully compliant. You also could be cheating yourself of future Category I codes.Codes 0234T-0238T are the key to coding supra-inguinal atherectomy correctly. Here's a breakdown of these codes, what they include, what you may code separately, and when you'll use these codes. The codes in focus are below:0234T, Transluminal peripheral atherectomy, open or percutaneous, including radiological supervision and interpretation; renal artery0235T, ... visceral artery (except renal), each vessel0236T, ... abdominal aorta0237T, ... brachiocephalic trunk and branches, each vessel0238T, ... iliac artery, each vessel.Get a Grip on New Codes With Terminology PrimerThe glut of new atherectomy-related codes is partially due to atherectomy being flagged by a RUC (Relative-Value Update Committee) screen for excessive growth, noted the presentation by AMA [...]

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