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Radiology Coding Alert

CPT® 2015:
Watch For Codes With Ultrasound and Imaging Guidance Inclusions
You’ll also need to update interventional radiology and RSA codes. You will soon... Read more
Prepare To Indicate Location When Reporting Crohn's Disease
Check for complications and do not limit yourself to only the intestine. ICD-10 will m... Read more
Arthrography Coding:
Follow This Advice To Ace Your Arthrography Reporting
TMJ and wrist arthrography are exceptions for S&I inclusions. Are you confused ove... Read more
Reader Question:
Define Intra-Service Timings for Moderate Sedation
Question: Our physician used moderate sedation for a radiological examination in an... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Submit 74440 For Vasography
Question: Is there a definitive code that we can report for radiological examinatio... Read more
CPT® 2015:
Prepare Your Coding Practice For New Codes As Technology Makes An Advance
Watch for changes in Vertebral fracture assessment, breast imaging, vertebroplasty proce... Read more
Interventional Radiology:
5 Tips Help Strengthen Your Stereotactic Surgery Reporting
Tip: Discriminate simple, complex, and spinal lesions. Stereotactic radiosurgery proce... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
Here's How to Eradicate 4 Coding Pitfalls For Embolism Reporting
Check where the embolus is located and where it originated. To successfully report emb... Read more
Reader Question:
Bill for X-rays and Contrast in Prostate Cystogram
Question: How should I report prostate cyst aspiration and prostate cystogram? How ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Earn For Ultrasound for Breast Localization Device
Question: How can we code for placement of localization device placed after breast ... Read more
Dig Into Details To Differentiate Regular Versus Detailed Obstetric Ultrasounds
Check medical indication and what parameters your physician assessed. Obstetric ultras... Read more
Coding Tips:
Follow These Tips to Target Specific Caval Filter Codes
Focus on insertion, removal, and repositioning. When your physician percutaneously man... Read more
Prepare To Defend Your Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Diagnoses Coding
M81.0 applies to senile, postmenopausal, involutional, and unspecified osteoporosis.&nbs... Read more
Reader Question:
Identify Radiological Guidance For Thrombectomy
Question: Our physician did an angiojet thrombectomy with multiple passes in the ma... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Payer Policy For 76140
Question: We are receiving repeated denials for code 76140. How can we earn for the... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Submit Multiple Codes for Thrombectomy Procedure
Question: Our physician who is a resident assisted for the angioplasty of the infer... Read more
Navigate Edit Complexities to Achieve Success In Coding Fluoroscopy With 64520 Coding
Key: Understand the reason for fluoroscopy and check your payer preferences. Coding fo... Read more
Imaging Compliance:
Take Advantage of the JC's Diagnostic Imaging Standards Postponement
Critical safety areas include radiation dose, equipment performance, and technologist qu... Read more
Be Geared To Prepare for 2015
Get started by following the training of technologists. In order to finalize a single ... Read more
Top Ten Questions Guide Your Transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10
ICD-10 may have more specific options but not necessarily a one-to-one match. If you w... Read more
Reader Question:
Document Necessity for Comparison X-Rays
Question: In a patient who incurred a leg injury following a car accident, the surg... Read more
Reader Question:
19083 is Inclusive of Clip Placement
Question: We submitted code 19083 for breast biopsy with placement of clip but we r... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How to Report Both Ultrasound and Duplex Scans
Question: Our physician documented the following for a perimenopausal patient who h... Read more
Discover How Extent of Services Will Guide Your Hysterosalpingography Coding
Turn to codes 74740 and 74742 for S&I done by your radiologist. Hysterosalpingogra... Read more
Ace Your Skills For Diagnosis Coding of Vertebral Fractures with These Tips
Ascertain what lead to the fracture to find the right code. Unlike a single code in IC... Read more
E/M Coding:
Bring In Payment For Both New and Established Patients In Your Practice
Ignore POS; check if professional services were billed in the last 3 years. Reporting ... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Office Setting for 76942
Question: Our physician used ultrasound rather than fluoroscopy for guidance when i... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Miss S&I in Angioplasty
Question: Our radiologist provided imaging guidance for angioplasty and  vacuu... Read more
Reader Question:
Fluoroscopy Is Inclusive In 49440
Question: Our radiologist provided fluoroscopic guidance for an upper GI endoscopic... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Contrast Agents in MRI
Question: Our physician does MRI of the sacrum and pelvis on the same date of servi... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Specific for Complete and Limited Duplex Scans
Question: Please help us to understand the meaning of ‘complete’ and &l... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Look for 2 Distinct Services in FAST
Question: Our physician did ultrasounds when trying to evaluate a patient for blunt... Read more
Interventional Radiology:
Follow These 3 Tips to Strengthen Your Coding For Radiological Supervision In Cardiac Catheterization
Correct documentation solves your high/low aortography challenges. When reporting radi... Read more
Take This Coding Quiz to Test Your Knowledge for Cholelithiasis Coding
Are you prepared? ICD-10-CM may not offer a one-to-one match. ICD-10 may not offer sur... Read more
Make Your Way to Flawless Documentation with These Tips
Differentiate the HPI and ROS components of history documentation to beat any possible r... Read more
5 Cholelithiasis Coding Answers Gauge Your ICD-10-CM 2014 Skills
Use definitive code sets when calculi are present in the gall bladder and the biliary du... Read more
Reader Question:
Look for New Definitive Code for Interventional Varicocele Ablation
Question: How can we report for interventional radiology percutaneous ablation of a... Read more
Reader Question:
Do Not Submit 77003 as a Stand-Alone Fluoro Code
Question: One of our patients had a spinal cord stimulator inserted in December 2013. Th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Report TCOM Without ABI as Unlisted
Question: Please suggest an appropriate code for a transcutaneous oxygen measuremen... Read more
Learn How to Earn For X-Rays in Global Period of Procedures
Document the medical necessity and append Modifier 76 when possible. You may be losing... Read more
CPT® Coding Strategies:
Tips to Avoid Payment Loss for Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy
Do not report 76376 or 76377 with +31627. Your radiologist may be using new technologi... Read more
HR 4302:
Translate This Medicare Payment Reform and ICD-10 Delay News into Practical Advice
Be prepared to make the best use of the implementation delay.  The Protecting Acc... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Site for Pleural Cather Replacement
Question: Our physician performed an exchange for chest tube in a patient with prev... Read more
Reader Question:
Earn For Both MRI and MRA
Question: We are billing for MRI of the brain and MRA of the head. Can the codes 70... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to 75809 and 61070 for Infusion Pump Studies
Question: In a patient who had improper functioning of morphine infusion pump, our ... Read more
Reader Question:
Do Not Report Wrist Radiography as Unlisted
Question: Our physician does radiological examination of the wrist and obtains only... Read more
You Be the Coder:
77293 Applies to Hospital Based Radiation Services
Question: Is code 77293 applicable for only the hospital based radiation services? ... Read more
8 Tips Show You How to Report Both Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms
Watch for procedures where mammography is inclusive. When reporting mammograms, you ca... Read more
HCPCS 2014:
Code 75625 May Not Apply In All Situations
Code 75625 replaces G0275, and J0151 replaces J0152.  Your radiology practice nee... Read more
Identify the Underlying Cause for Acute or Chronic Pancreatitis
Make sure you distinguish cyst and pseudocyst. You needn’t be perplexed by the I... Read more
What is Pancreatitis?
Pancreatitis is an inflammation in the pancreatic tissues. “When the pancreas is i... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Facility Setting For 19083
Question: Can we report technical component of breast biopsy services when we are s... Read more
Reader Question:
Look at Regions in MRI Spine Survey
Question: What would be the correct CPT® code(s) for an MRI Spine Survey? New... Read more
You Be the Coder:
93924 is Inclusive of Treadmill Testing
Question: Does the code 93924 include the charge for treadmill stress testing? Mi... Read more
CPT® 2014:
Factor in Units of 10030 for Percutaneous Fluid Collection
Find out which CPT® codes you should delete for 2014. Reporting catheter-drainage ... Read more
CPT® 2014:
Update Your Vascular Embolization/Occlusion Coding For 2014
37241-37244 are inclusive of supervision and interpretation. You need to revamp your c... Read more
Navigate the New ICD-10 Code Set for Your Pneumoconiosis Diagnosis
Look for a one-to-one match for coal and asbestos. While ICD-10 will offer you some di... Read more
Reader Question:
Imaging Modality Will Guide Your Coding For Breast Biopsy
Question: The breast biopsy codes 19102 and 19103 have been deleted in 2014. Can you ple... Read more
Reader Question:
Document Services to Match 72010
Question: Is it correct to report code 72010 (Radiologic examination, spine, entire, sur... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Be Specific For Fluoroscopic Guidance in LAP-BAND Adjustment
Question: In a patient who complained of nausea and vomiting after a recent filling of g... Read more
Bone Scans:
Break Down Bone Scan Coding By Type, Diagnosis, and Time Frame
Four types of bone density scans mean numerous CPT® options. If you’re confu... Read more
Maximize Your Multiple Gestation Ultrasound Reimbursement With This Expert Advice
Learn how to differentiate codes 76811 and 76812. Obstetric ultrasounds may be a routi... Read more
Complications Will Correspond to Your Gastric Ulcer ICD-10 Options
Heads up: You won’t always have a one-to-one match. When your radiologist perfo... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Extent of Scan in Renal Ultrasound
Question: Could you please suggest a code for the ultrasound of kidney and bladder with ... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to 20500 for Sclerotherapy
Question: Our physician did a sclerosis of a lymphocele. The procedure note reads as bel... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Ensure Documentation for Second Unit Of 70553
Question: How do we code for MRI of the brain with and without contrast with pituitary p... Read more
Strengthen Your Stent Placement Coding With These Changes In 2014
Look for new codes and learn what additional services you can report. You need to upda... Read more
Multiply Your Varicose Vein Dx Options
Laterality is the key to the right code. When reporting varicose veins in ICD-10, you ... Read more
Follow These Three Steps to Simplify Coding for Shuntograms
Ignore phases and look for additional procedures, if any. Your radiologist may supervi... Read more
Reader Question:
You Can Bill Together for 74455 and 51600
Question: When reporting a voiding cystogram, can we also report for contrast injection?... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Focal Asymmetry as Inconclusive Mammogram
Question: How can we code for a ‘focal asymmetry’ found during a mammogram o... Read more
Reader Question:
Count Views in Skull X-Ray
Question: What is a complete radiological examination of the skull? How can we report a ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Be Specific For Standing X-Ray of Knee With 73565
Question: Are there specific CPT® codes for weight bearing X-rays? Our physician obt... Read more
Follow 6 Tips to Ace Your Knee X-Ray Coding
Count views required; ignore number of films obtained. Coding for plain film radiograp... Read more
Use These Pointers to Identify Knee Views
The most common radiological examination of the knee includes the anteroposterior and la... Read more
Banish the Coding Challenges for Barrett's Esophagus
Confirm dysplasia and determine grade of dysplasia. ICD-9 offers a single simple code,... Read more
Watch for Edits on Ordering/Referring Providers in 2014
Ensure provider has current Medicare enrollment record and valid NPI. Effective Jan. 6... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to 76376 for 3D Imaging
Question: Does the code 76376 apply to coronal and sagittal images? Florida Subscriber A... Read more
Reader Question:
Always Code Final Definitive Diagnosis
Question: We are reporting for the professional services of our radiologist and need hel... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Reason for Repeat Procedures
Question: Our radiologist performed a PET/CT scan on a patient which did not aid in the ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Check Before You Report Duplex Scan with Ultrasound
Question: Can we bill code 76775 with code 93975? Can we append modifiers? Please advise... Read more