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Radiology Coding Alert

New Breast Biopsy Codes Shift Focus to Lesion Number
Confirm imaging guidance to get to the right codes. 2014 brings in new codes for breas... Read more
Brush Up on These Breast Biopsy with Localization Device Basics
You will often find your radiologist using a breast localization device to guide the bre... Read more
Use These Tips To Earn For ED Ultrasound Services
Report medical necessity and check extent of scan. When your radiologist provides ultr... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Upgrade Your Duodenal Ulcers Reporting
Obstruction will no longer guide your choice of right codes. When reporting duodenal u... Read more
Check These 4 CPT® Requirements for Ultrasound
The preamble to the diagnostic ultrasound section of CPT® lists these 4 requirements... Read more
Reader Question:
Support 76645 with Diagnosis Codes
Question: What are the correct ICD-9 codes that we can report for a preventive ultrasoun... Read more
Reader Question:
Earn For MR Services
Question: Our radiologist obtains MR assisted 3D images in a patient with suspected CSF ... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Payer Preferences for 99051 and 99058
Question: We are working for a multi-specialty medical group with our own radiology depa... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Confirm Pharmacological Intervention For 78227
Question: Due to the shortage of CCK for the nuclear medical study (78227), we weren&rsq... Read more
CPT® 2014:
Prepare to Upgrade Your Breast Localization Procedure Coding
Confirm the imaging guidance and keep a count on lesions. Accurately coding breast pro... Read more
What's a Breast Localization Device?
A breast localization device is a wire, needle, clip, or pellet that helps to mark the l... Read more
Navigate Your Way To Correct Cranial Sterotactic Radiosurgery Coding
Tip: Look for the structure targeted and the intent of the procedure. When your radiol... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Look for These Expansions to Spinal Lesion and Closed Cervical Fractures
Tip: Your best guide is the spinal level. Unlike ICD-9, where you have a single code f... Read more
Refresh Your Stereotactic Procedure Coding Know-How
Stereotactic procedures use minimally invasive approaches. You look for codes for stereo... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Payer Preferences for Sclerotherapy
Question: Our IR physician performed a new sclerotherapy procedure. A drainage cath... Read more
Reader Question:
64493 And 62311 Are Not Bundled
Question: Our radiologist performed an epidural L5 nerve block and gave facet stero... Read more
Reader Question:
Distinguish Between Plain and Digital X-rays
Question: From a coding stand point, is there a distinction between plain film and ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Earn For Clip Placement with Breast Biopsy
Question: What is correct CPT® code for ultrasound guided core biopsy of the ax... Read more
Smart Tips For Pulmonary Ventilation Perfusion Scanning
Look for injection or inhalation to determine perfusion or ventilation scans. When you... Read more
Upgrade Your Patellar Open Fracture Reporting
First confirm type and then look to morphology and laterality. When reporting ICD-10 c... Read more
Type I, II, or III? How to Classify Open Patellar Fractures
Since the ICD-10 codes for open fracture depend upon the type of fracture, it is good to... Read more
Practice Management:
Know What You Need For Exceptional Documentation In Medical Records
Keep focus on 5 W’s to avoid pitfalls. Creating airtight medical records that ca... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Symptoms for Breast Screening Ultrasound
Question: Can we report a diagnosis code for a breast ultrasound done only for screening... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Payer Policies for Venous Ablation
Question: We started performing venous ablation and one of our radiologists wants to kno... Read more
Reader Question:
Renal and Abdominal Ultrasounds Together May Face Denial
Question: Our referring physician requests abdominal and renal ultrasound together. Can ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Be Specific for Fluoroscopy with Chest X-Ray
Question: The referring physician ordered a chest X-ray with 2 views and a sniff test. H... Read more
CCI Edits 19.2:
Bundles Affect Your Fluoroscopy And Radiation Treatment Coding
Special radiation treatment includes intraoperative radiation; needle placement and inje... Read more
Beat The Stress in Intracranial Balloon Angioplasty Coding
Tip: Confirm stenting; beware inclusive services. Confused about your percutaneous int... Read more
Balloon Angioplasty:
Check If Vasospasm Was Cause of Narrowing
Your physician may do radiological supervision, imaging, and intervention for a balloon ... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Gain Precision In Coding Closed Fractures Of Patella
Hint: Morphology and laterality are your best guides. Don’t let elaborate ICD-10... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Views in Chest X-Ray
Question: Our radiologist obtained PA and lateral views of the chest on X-ray for the pa... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Intent in Spinal Tap
Question: Our radiologist performed a lumbar puncture and was not able to withdraw fluid... Read more
You Be the Coder:
71275 Is Inclusive Of Contrast in CTA
Question: How do we report for CT angiogram for pulmonary embolism with 3D reconstructio... Read more
Follow These Tips To Finesse Your Fine Needle Aspiration And Imaging Reporting
Hint: Confirm units and check for biopsy. When coding fine needle aspirations, 10022 (... Read more
CPT® 2014:
3 Code Change Requests Affect Observation, DXA, and Breast OCT
Could vertebral fracture assessment get a new code? The CPT® Editorial Panel has a... Read more
Brush Up on Dens Fracture Basics
The dens is a projection of the second cervical vertebra, also called the axis. It shows... Read more
Wade Through the Many Dens Fractures Options With This Advice
Hint: Type of fracture and displacement help you navigate your way to correct code. Wh... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn To 76818 or 76819 for Fetal Biophysical Profile
Question: In a patient who reported for high blood pressure at a gestational age of 28 w... Read more
Reader Question:
62267 Applies to Discitis Biopsy
Question: Which code should we use for intervertebral disc biopsy for discitis? I’... Read more
Reader Question:
76700 and 76856 Need to Be Identifiable
Question: Is it necessary when a radiologist reports on an abdominal and pelvic ultrasou... Read more
Reader Question:
77003 With 64493 Requires Special Circumstances
Question: The CPT® book says we shouldn’t use 77003 with 64483 or 64493, but C... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Take These Steps Before Billing Bilateral Knee X-Rays
Question: With an intention to confirm the status of the implant and check the condition... Read more
CPT® News:
19102, 37205, and Other Everyday Codes Are on the Chopping Block for CPT® 2014
Don’t miss these potential changes to abscess drainage, embolization, and AAA codi... Read more
Pencil In MRI Contrast and Adenosine Code Updates for January
Coding accuracy will hinge on watching units. CMS has announced HCPCS changes expected... Read more
E24.- Will Increase Your Cushing's Options Under the New Code Set
You’ll need to know the type to choose the proper code. Your Cushing’s cod... Read more
All New Date of Service MUEs Started April 1
Don’t waste time searching for a list of these new edits. On April 1, 2013, CMS ... Read more
Reader Question:
78800 Offers an MBI Solution
Question: Which codes apply to molecular breast imaging? Member Ans... Read more
Reader Question:
49083 Is the Star of This Show
Question: I am getting a denial from Medicare for the use of 49083, 99070, 36410, and 12... Read more
Reader Question:
76830/76856 Edit Is Payer Specific
Question: Most insurance companies deny 76830 with 76856 unless I append modifier 59. Bu... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Ultrasound Coding Requires Extra Savvy
Question: Which codes should I use for soft tissue ultrasounds of the chest, upper back,... Read more
Urologic Radiology:
76770 Is the Right Choice for Complete Urologic Ultrasound -- Here's Why
Don’t assume the same limited code applies to kidney-only and bladder-only studies... Read more
Have You Been Applying the New Place of Service Rule?
Take time to read through the latest announcements from Medicare. Medicare’s new... Read more
News You Can Use:
Ordering/Provider Edit Denials Will Not Start May 1 As Planned
You have a little more time to verify that providers are eligible to order Medicare test... Read more
S82.84- Demands Multiple Details for Bimalleolar Ankle Fractures
Follow the guidelines if documentation doesn’t indicate displaced or nondisplaced.... Read more
Reader Question:
93925 Coding Requires Review
Question: Can 99201 or 99211 be billed with 93925 (ABI)? Member Ans... Read more
Reader Question:
Sequester Cut Applies After Deductible/Coinsurance
Question: Does the 2 percent sequestration cut apply to claims with dates of service on/... Read more
Reader Question:
77003 is OK With 62310
Question:  Do payers allow you to report fluoroscopy in conjunction with an interla... Read more
Reader Question:
32555 Includes Imaging and Pleural Procedure
Question: Can I use 32554 when the physician performs a diagnostic thoracentesis or when... Read more
Reader Question:
36251 May Be Reported on Intervention Day
Question: If the radiologist performs diagnostic renal angiography followed by stent pla... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Factor in More Than Fistula Imaging
Question: The radiologist punctured the right forearm fistula and performed imaging of t... Read more
Benefit From Bilateral Cervicocerebral Angiography Correction in MPFS
Review 36221’s definition to see why this code isn’t included. To make the... Read more
Pulmonary Ablation:
Bilateral 32998 Payment Starts April 1
Don’t assume Medicare pays extra for bilateral guidance, too. Cervicocerebral co... Read more
News You Can Use:
PET Coverage, Ordering/Referring Edits, and AAA Screening Land in the CMS Spotlight
Denials will start May 1 for claims that fail Medicare’s ordering/referring provid... Read more
K86.0 Will Offer a Specific Code for Alcohol-Induced Chronic Pancreatitis in 2014
Acute and chronic forms will still have separate options under the new code set. Discu... Read more
Reader Question:
20552 and 20553 Tackle Trigger Point Injections
Question: A patient suffered whiplash from crashing his car into a parked vehicle, and t... Read more
Reader Question:
+0079T Requires Stent Graft
Question: What counts as a prosthesis for +0079T? Tennessee Subscriber Answer: The... Read more
Reader Question:
Identify Original Content for Documentation Changes
Question: Where can I find CMS directions regarding amending documentation? Georgia ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Try Coding Embolization for Epistaxis
Question: Following transfemoral diagnostic cerebral angiography, how should I report Onyx... Read more
Supervision & Interpretation:
76942 Essentials Keep Your Ultrasound Guidance Claims in the Clear
Find out which RAC is checking units for this code. One of the challenges of radiology... Read more
Add to Your Add-On Code Savvy Using 3 CMS Tables
CCI takes note of these tables. Shouldn’t you? CPT® doesn’t designate ... Read more
S86.01- Range Gets Specific for Achilles Tendon Strains in 2014
Lacerations and other Achilles injuries will have their own codes. ICD-9 may roll Achi... Read more
Reader Question:
37205 Doesn't Have to Say 'Subclavian' to Apply
Question: Is there a code specific to placing a stent in the brachiocephalic or subclavi... Read more
Reader Question:
76376 Should Have a Written Order
Question: Does the ordering doctor need to request the use of 3D reconstruction codes? W... Read more
Reader Question:
36222 Offers Extracranial Option
Question: When I would code for a bilateral carotid angiogram in 2012, I would use 36215... Read more
Reader Question:
73050 Is for Bilateral X-Ray
Question: How should I code three views of the same shoulder and a single-view of the AC... Read more
Reader Question:
76872 and 76942 May Apply to Single Patient
Question: We are coding/billing for a hospital-based radiologist. The patient is having ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Sort Rules for Diagnostic Mammography
Question: If the radiology department routinely does extra views on patients with a hist... Read more
Pain Management:
64479-+64484: Heed These Warning Signs to Safely Navigate Injection Pitfalls
Transforaminal epidural injections are a major audit target, so plan ahead for coding su... Read more
Category III:
0228T-+0231T Apply When Ultrasound Guides Transforaminal Epidural Service
Expect the usual Category III nonpayment realities for these codes. Savvy transforamin... Read more
Audit Focus:
RACs Are Inspecting More Than Half of the US for
Target issues offer a good idea of what to watch so your future claims are compliant. ... Read more
Take Transforaminal Epidural Injection Coding to New Levels With a Better Grasp of the Spine
Visualize the procedure to take the mystery out of coding. The more you understand abo... Read more
News You Can Use:
Prepare for PET Changes That Could Be Coming Down the Pike
National Medicare may offer more leeway for local coverage. You may see your PET local... Read more
N13.- Will Allow More Specific Hydronephrosis Coding in 2014
Watch documentation for confirmation of stricture or obstruction. When ICD-10 is final... Read more
Reader Question:
76010 Isn't Enough for 3 Views
Question: I have a report that says "torso child foreign body." The radio... Read more
Reader Question:
20552 Is Better Piriformis Option
Question:  A co-worker and I disagree over the correct code for a piriformis inject... Read more
Reader Question:
More Than Modifier 59 May Override CCI
Question: Which modifiers may be used to override CCI edits? South Carolina Subscribe... Read more
Reader Question:
793.5 Solves Endometrial Fluid Question
Question:  I’m coding an ultrasound note. What diagnosis code should I report... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Determine 'History of DCIS' Code
Question: When the patient has had a DCIS diagnosis (233.0), how do you code for the &qu... Read more
CPT® 2013:
72052 Definition Ousts View-Type Requirements, Making Count the Key
All the cervical spine bases are covered for any number of views. The confusion of ide... Read more
Interventional Coding:
+36227 and +36228 Primer Puts You on the Path to Clean Carotid Claims
Ace add-on coding with this guide to 2 new selective catheter codes. Taking in all of ... Read more
Distinguish Intracranial and Extracranial Carotids With These Pointers
Pair ‘cerebral’ and ‘cervical’ with the proper terms. Many of ... Read more
Take the CPT® 'Physician' Requirement Out of Discharge Codes 99238-99239
Applying AMA corrections prevents manual typos from leading your claims astray. AMA&rs... Read more
Code Edits:
Mammography Codes Don't Belong on Breast Biopsy Claims, Says CCI
Post-procedure check shouldn’t be separately billed. Reviewing changes to the la... Read more
2014 Will Bring Scoliosis Options Based on Juvenile or Adolescent
Spinal level will direct your coding, too. X-ray, CT, and MRI codes all may come into ... Read more
Reader Question:
PET Procedures Bundle in Glucose Check
Question: How should we report the glucose check performed before PET tests? Nebraska ... Read more
Reader Question:
825.5 Is for Initial Fracture Diagnosis
Question: A patient was treated for a fracture of the second metatarsal. Four weeks late... Read more
Reader Question:
76700 May Apply to Ectopic Pregnancy Discovery
Question: If the technician performs an ultrasound on a patient who didn’t know sh... Read more
Reader Question:
70390 Covers Salivary Anatomy Scan
Question: I need to code an interpretation of a salivary gland X-ray, but it isn’t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Crack This Esophageal Varices Case
Question: Which codes apply to this report? May I report the diagnostic venography separ... Read more
CPT® 2013:
37211-37214 Revolutionize Non-Coronary Thrombolysis Coding in 2013
Retrain your brain to prevent 75898 follow-up study mishaps. Big changes are in the wo... Read more
Interventional Coding:
37197 Steps in to Replace Retrieval Codes 37203 and 75961
The all-in-one code club gets yet another member in 2013. Toss out your old intravascul... Read more
Image Guidance:
64561 Code Definition Catches Up With CCI Edits
Plus: Radiology guidelines update instructions on reporting S&I separately. Coding ... Read more
441.4 Crosses to I71.4 for Unruptured AAA
Aortic anatomy lesson helps keep your coding on the straight and narrow. An important ... Read more
News You Can Use:
A9586 Offers Specific Option for Reporting Amyvid in 2013
PET providers: Take care to report units 'per study dose.' CPT® updates may be hogg... Read more
MPFS 2013:
MPPR Continues to Be a Sore Spot for Radiology Practices
A new modifier may be forthcoming to distinguish bypassing CCI from bypassing MPPR. CMS... Read more
Reader Question:
93998 Applies to TCOM
Question: I have a report for TCOM, but it doesn't indicate an ABI was performed. May I ... Read more
Reader Question:
US Guidance Requires 'Recorded' Images
Question: Will you confirm whether printed US images must be present in the medical... Read more
Reader Question:
CMS Manuals Lay Groundwork for Compliance
Question: Is there a CMS radiology coding guideline? From Read more
You Be the Coder:
Find Codes for Initial and Repeat PTA
Question: The physician performed PTA of a right anterior tibial lesion, PTA of the popl... Read more