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Radiology Coding Alert

CPT® 2013:
36221 to +36228 Shake Up Carotid and Vertebral Angiography in the New Year
Heed the hierarchy, or denials are guaranteed.One of the biggest coding changes radiology ... Read more
Interventional Coding:
Bolster Your Cervicocerebral Angiography Coding With This Q&A
Decide between modifiers 50 and 59 for opposite side services.CPT® 2013 will introdu... Read more
Diagnostic Services:
Keep Nuclear Imaging Claims in the Clear With These CCI and Coding Updates
Don't let a 78007 slip-up lead to returned claims in 2013.If you code for vascular flow, t... Read more
727.61 Counterpart Requires Right/Left Rotator Cuff Distinction
Head to M75.12- when documentation doesn't specify 'traumatic.' Before rep... Read more
News Flash:
Palmetto Adds Chronic Venous Hypertension to Varicose Vein LCD
Here are 2 good reasons to be sure you're using the most current payer policy. Pal... Read more
Reader Question:
Know the News on POS Implementation Date
Question: I've been expecting to see more information about CMS's place of service (POS) r... Read more
Reader Question:
J2001 Applies for IV Only
Question: Our physician administered a sacroiliac steroid injection along with 1cc of 1 pe... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Join the Search for Jones Fracture Code
Question: A physician in my practice listed Jones fracture as the patient's diagnosis, but... Read more
CPT® 2013:
32555 and 32557 Promise a Simpler Path to Pleural Aspiration and Drainage Coding
Catheter aspiration will have an obvious code choice. The preliminary list of CPT®... Read more
CPT® Update:
Get a Handle on Radiology Coding for 2013 With This Overview
From cervical X-rays to thrombolysis, the New Year has a lot of changes in store. Here... Read more
183.0 Splits Into 3 Ovarian Neoplasm Options in the New Code Set
A quick check of the index will keep you from reporting excluded diagnoses.If you code for... Read more
Interventional Radiology:
Drill Down to the Best CVA Choice With 5 Quick Questions
Central, tunneled, and other key terms narrow the list of coding options.You've got a bake... Read more
Catheter Coding:
Here's Why Relying on Catheter Names Is Risky for CVA Coding
Clue in to when you're more likely to see tunneled vs. non-tunneled.Savvy coders know they... Read more
Reader Question:
70480 Is Best Choice for Noncontrast Temporal Bone CT
Question: Which code is appropriate for a noncontrast temporal bone CT?Arizona SubscriberA... Read more
Reader Question:
36475 Includes H&P
Question: The physician saw a patient in his office for swelling of the leg that hadn... Read more
Reader Question:
70330 x1 Covers Multiple Views
Question: I've got a report for eight TMJ views with the mouth in a variety of positions (... Read more
Reader Question:
71020x3 Is an Option for Repeat Service
Question: If a patient has multiple chest X-rays on the same date, interpreted by the same... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How Many Units for 2 AV Graft Stents?
Question: The physician is reporting repair of left arm dialysis AV graft with percutaneou... Read more
76506-76999 Authoritative Guidelines Clear the Way to Cleaner Claims
Know where to look for nationally non-covered ultrasound services. When you report diagno... Read more
568.0 and K66.0 Are Similar, But There's a Twist
News alert: The implementation date for the new code set is now official.Oct. 1, 2014, is ... Read more
10022 or 19102? Decide Whether to Report 1 or Both for This Case
CCI offers guidance to protect you from unexpected payback requests. Breast biopsies m... Read more
Term Tips:
Take Your Ultrasound Coding Up a Notch Using This Glossary
Apply definitions direct from CPT®.Successfully connecting your radiology report to ... Read more
Reader Question:
74000 Is Your Go-To KUB Code
Question:  Which code applies to a KUB interpretation following ESWL?Texas Subscriber... Read more
Reader Question:
174.x Is Just the Start for This Case
Question: How should we code malignant breast cancer with metastasis to liver and bone?Ten... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier PD: Verify Hospital Ownership
Question: If we perform a diagnostic X-ray for a Medicare patient at our office and the pa... Read more
Reader Question:
38221 and G0364 Can Pair Up
Question: For private payers, should I report G0364 or 38220 for aspiration and biopsy at ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Face Facet Joint Coding Head On
Question: The physician advanced a 25 gauge spinal needle into the posterior aspect of the... Read more
CCI Update:
Factor These 5 Tips Into Your Correct Coding Initiative 18.2 Plan
Dig into the reason for PET + CT before choosing your codes. Love them or hate them, C... Read more
News You Can Use:
ACA Decision Keeps MPPR and Preventive Service Coverage a Part of Your Day
Radiology coders wonder what ACO structure will mean for the future.The U.S. has been buzz... Read more
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty:
72291 and 72292 Offer Opportunity to Report RS&I Separately
But be sure you claim only those services actually performed.Packaging surgery and related... Read more
S52.53-- Will Require In-Depth Colles' Fracture Documentation
Bone up on the Gustilo fracture classification.Under ICD-10, fracture coding is serious bu... Read more
Reader Question:
75989 Is Best Bet for 32551
Question: For a chest tube insertion, should we charge 75989 or 77012 for the CT guid... Read more
Reader Question:
76098 Applies to Stereotactic Biopsy Sample
Question: May I report 76098 for specimen review during stereotactic biopsy? SuperCode... Read more
Reader Question:
72200 Doesn't Take Modifier 50
Question: Is 72200 unilateral or bilateral? MemberAnswer: You should think o... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Determine Codes for Abscess Assessment
Question: A patient had a drainage catheter placed three days ago for a postoperative subh... Read more
Bone Mass Measurement:
77080: 5 Smart Moves for More Accurate BMM Claims
Separate screening from monitoring for spot-on coding. Bone mass measurement (BMM) has bee... Read more
BMM Coverage:
733.xx Supports 77080 When DXA Is for Monitoring
Finding ICD-9 codes for screening requires an extra step.Bone mass measurement is a common... Read more
D05.-- Expands Reporting Options for Breast Carcinoma in Situ
You'll need to know the type and the breast involved.If you want to see evidence that ICD-... Read more
Reader Question:
805.02 Solves the Dens Fracture Mystery
Question: How should I code a Fracture of the Dens? There was no spinal cord injury or men... Read more
Reader Question:
Oct. 1 Won't Bring ICD-9 Changes
Question: Are there any ICD-9-cm updates planned for 2013? Iowa Subscriber Answer: N... Read more
Reader Question:
215.0 Applies to LDD Diagnosis
Question: How do we report Lhermitte-Duclos in ICD-9?Alaska SubscriberAnswer:  You ma... Read more
Reader Question:
CMS Addresses MPPR for Group Practice
Question: Will you explain how the MPPR applies to imaging?Arizona SubscriberAnswer: 2012 ... Read more
Reader Question:
37228 Includes Nitroglycerin Injection
Question: Can I charge for nitroglycerin injections x 2 when performing a right angiopla... Read more
Reader Question:
37215 and 37216 Differ Based on DEP
Question: How should we code distal embolic protection performed with stenting or angiop... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Get Stumped by Pressure Ulcer Coding
Question: Our physician was asked to use ultrasound to evaluate a patient with a diagnosis... Read more
Vascular Studies:
93922, 93923: 3 FAQs Take Your NIPS Coding to a New Level
Don't miss the significance of the ABI 'plus' requirement. Even veteran coders can get los... Read more
Quick Tip:
A9552 Has Specific Item 19 Requirements for Noridian
If you're submitting a PET claim to Noridian Medicare Part B, be sure to follow these tact... Read more
Pain Management:
64633-+64636 Require a Counting Change for Spinal RF Services
Plus: Verify how each payer wants bilateral procedures reported. Spinal radiofrequency (RF... Read more
Clue in to Facet Joint Structure
Each vertebra has a total of four facet joints -- two joints that articulate (loosely... Read more
453.42 Splits Into Tibial, Other, and Unspecified ICD-10 Options
You'll need to know the leg involved to choose the best DVT code.Coding for deep vein thro... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirmed Diagnosis Trumps Symptoms
Question: In my coding classes, we learned that if the treating physician orders the test ... Read more
Reader Question:
76870 Is One Option for Groin Ultrasound
Question: Which CPT® code is used to report the ultrasound examination of a palpable... Read more
Reader Question:
76000 Has a Role in Foreign Body Removal
Question: May we report fluoroscopy if it's used for something such as locating a foreign ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Tackle Upper and Lower Extremity X-Rays
Question: In a single session, we performed standing AP, lateral, and tangential views of ... Read more
Interventional Radiology:
35476 Accuracy Hinges on AV Shunt Segment Definitions
Pinpoint arterial code opportunities by understanding the exception to the venous rule. ... Read more
Code Watch:
Cervicocerebral Angiography May See Coding Changes in 2013
Chest tube placement and nuclear medicine updates may be in your future, too. If you w... Read more
CCI Update:
36147/+76937 Edit Is a Thing of the Past
You still shouldn't be too hasty in adding the US code to your claim.A recent Correct Codi... Read more
News You Can Use:
Postpone POS Rule Change to October, CMS Says
Are you ready to implement the new rule for coding interpretation services?For CMS rules, ... Read more
I66.-- Requires Anatomic Specifics for Cerebral Embolism Coding
Tip: 434.10 isn't the only ICD-9 code that crosses to this range.Did you hear the news? On... Read more
Reader Question:
76604 or 76705 Offers Back Ultrasound Option
Question: Which ultrasound code applies for examining a mass on the back?Rhode Island Subs... Read more
Reader Question:
36569 Suffices for Attempt and Final Insertion
Question: The physician began an encounter trying to insert a Swan Ganz catheter but decid... Read more
Reader Question:
73200x1 Covers Multiple Same-Arm Sites
Question: How should we report CT of the humerus and wrist of the same arm?Illinois Subscr... Read more
Reader Question:
+99145 Doesn't Apply for Extra 6 Minutes
Question: If the physician documents 36 minutes of moderate sedation, may we report 99144 ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Match Code to MRCP
Question: Is there a specific code for MRCP? We performed a scan on a patient with acute p... Read more
73706 Adds 2 Edits in April to Keep Your CTA Coding on Track
See why reporting these codes together was already noncompliant. Correct Coding Initiative... Read more
32422 With X-Ray? Here's Where to Find Official Guidance
Comply with these PET, bone imaging, and vertebroplasty rules, too.You may find answers to... Read more
R10.8- Separates Tenderness and Rebound Tenderness of the Abdomen
Documentation of quadrant will still be crucial in the new code system.Upper right side ab... Read more
617.2, 620.0, and More: Match the Code to the Female Reproductive Site
Give your coding a boost by tying code digits to actual structures.When your radiologist i... Read more
Reader Question:
76942 Takes a Single Unit
Question: For code 76942, which modifiers are allowed, and how do I report units?SuperCode... Read more
Reader Question:
78580 Applies to Perfusion
Question: How do you code for a nuclear medicine split lung function test? The report st... Read more
Reader Question:
72114 Requires Bending Views
Question: If we performed AP, lateral, flexion, extension, bilateral oblique, and spot L5-... Read more
Reader Question:
37221 Covers Angiography and Stent
Question: My physician is planning to perform left iliac artery angiography followed by st... Read more
You Be the Coder:
73565 Is Common Cause of Confusion
Question: How should I code the following report? X-rays: I interpreted Rosenberg, lateral... Read more
CMS Update:
POS 11 May Not Apply for Office Interpretations -- Here's Why
Focus on face-to-face service when choosing your code. CMS has announced a new place of se... Read more
Guidelines in Focus:
36147 Features Official Includes/Excludes Rules in 2012
Watch for 2 separately reportable services.Flip through the Surgery section of your 2012 C... Read more
AV Shunt:
36147: Get a Better Picture of Fistula Vs. Graft
Get the official word on what makes 75791 different from 36147.CPT® can pack a lot i... Read more
747.81 Splits Into AVM and Other Options Under ICD-10
The newly announced delay doesn't mean you should stop preparing.The ICD-10 implementation... Read more
Reader Question:
76881 and 76882 Have Crucial Guidelines
Question: How do you determine complete or limited for 76881 and 76882? Memb... Read more
Reader Question:
733.90 Diagnosis Means No More 'Screenings'
Question: A patient presents to the office for screening DXA bone density test, but the or... Read more
You Be the Coder:
10022 With Other Biopsy Has Rules
Question: The physician performed a fine needle aspiration and then a needle biopsy of t... Read more
Abdominal/Pelvic CTA:
74174: Ace CT vs. CTA and CCI Edits for Cleaner Claims
A little runoff CTA know-how can help prevent a lot of denials. You have a new code to con... Read more
Catheter Coding:
36245-+36248: Discover Which Codes See a Global Period Change in 2012
Similar revisions are now in place for 36200.If you want proof that annual code updates go... Read more
571.5 Crosses to a Trio of K74.- Codes
Watch documentation to find a better option than the ICD-10 NOS code. When ICD-10-CM r... Read more
Angiographic Reconstruction Postprocessing Is Key to CTA
Need to distinguish CTA from CT? Computed tomographic angiography (CTA) is a non-invasive ... Read more
Reader Question:
93965 Gets New Supporting ICD-9 Codes
Question: I saw a notice that our LCD for Noninvasive Vascular Testing (L31712) was revise... Read more
Reader Question:
726.73 Applies to Achilles Tendon Spur
Question: What is the correct ICD-9 code for Achilles tendon spur? MemberAns... Read more
Reader Question:
64622 Is for Nerve Level (in 2011)
Question: When billing lumbar/cervical non-pulsed radiofrequency facet denervation codes 6... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier 52 Solves Unilateral/Bilateral Issue
Question: If we perform a unilateral imaging service and the only available code specifies... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code This Retrograde Urethrogram
Question: The physician performed a retrograde urethrogram with fluoroscopic interpretatio... Read more
SI Injections:
27096 Adds Imaging, Subtracts RVUs in 2012
This code's unilateral/bilateral status is key to proper payment. Your days of ch... Read more
Peritoneal Services:
49083 Offers New Imaging-Specific Abdominal Paracentesis Code
Don't code guidance in addition to 49084 either.Prior to Jan.1, 2012, abdominal paracentes... Read more
S83.2 -- A Options May Make You Long for the Simplicity of 836.1
Prepare now for more specific knee injury coding in 2013. ICD-10-CM is expected to re... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Releases Some Good News About How MPPR Applies to Groups
The pro fee cut isn't completely eliminated, though.CMS no longer plans to apply the Multi... Read more
Renal Angiography:
36251-36254 Package Cath Placement and Angiography in 2012
Watch for unilateral and bilateral services to be sure you have the proper code.Renal angi... Read more
IVC Filters:
37191-37193 Clarify Coding for Insertion, Repositioning, and Retrieval
Prevent denials by applying this news for 37620 and 75940.Starting Jan. 1, 2012, you'll no... Read more
Reader Question:
64479-+64484: Mystery (s) Explained
Question: Codes 64479-+64484 in the 2012 manual state "Injection," but in 2011 the same co... Read more
Reader Question:
72170 and 73500 Don't Conflict
Question: Our doctors often request 72170 (AP Pelvis 1-2 view) and 73500 (hip 1 view). Now... Read more
Reader Question:
93925 Doesn't Include Aorta
Question: Does 93925 (Duplex scan of the lower extremity arteries) include the aorta and i... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Inject Accuracy Into Myelogram Claims
Question: I have a report showing cervical myelogram with the injection performed at the l... Read more
72114 and 72120 See View Requirement Changes in 2012
Start the documentation education now to ease potential 72114 audits. Where view requireme... Read more
22520-+22522 Include Bone Biopsy, Says CPT® 2012
You'll have to check the guidelines if you want to learn the exception.A 2012 wording chan... Read more
784.2 Crosses to Multiple Codes -- Don't Overlook Hidden #3
Abnormal imaging findings will lead you to an all new code range in ICD-10.The Oct.1, 2013... Read more
Conversion Factor and MPPR News Doesn't Bode Well for Radiology
CMS backed away from a 50 percent pro fee cut, but did the agency back away far enough?Cod... Read more
Reader Question:
37182 0-Day Global Allows Later 36481
Question: If a TIPS patient returns less than 90 days after placement for portal angiogr... Read more
Reader Question:
F1-F9 Advice Varies
Question: I've seen conflicting advice on whether to use finger and toe modifiers with rad... Read more
Reader Question:
36120 Goes Against the Flow
Question: What's the significance of the word "retrograde" in 36120?Illinois SubscriberAns... Read more
Reader Question:
440.2x Applies to Popliteal Stenosis
Question: What is the ICD-9 code for stenosis, popliteal artery? MemberAnswe... Read more
Reader Question:
733.13 Indicates Chronic Pathologic Fracture
Question: What's the correct ICD-9 code for a chronic lumbar vertebral pathologic fracture... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Nip Needle Biopsy Question in the Bud
Question: The radiologist first used an anterior approach (19-gauge coaxial needle) to a l... Read more