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Radiology Coding Alert

CPT® 2012:
Imaging: 74174 Simplifies Coding for Abdominal and Pelvic CTA
Plus: Watch for changes to hepatobiliary and pulmonary codes. CPT 2012 updates are h... Read more
CPT® 2012:
Interventional: 36251-36254 Create a New Coding World for Renal Angiography
You'll also have all-in-one codes for facet joint and IVC filter services. Below y... Read more
Case Study:
37220-37235: Tackle Revascularization Documentation Head On
Proper +37222 use depends on this term tip.Looking for a way to put your revascularization... Read more
540.9 Will Have 2 ICD-10-CM Matches for Appendicitis
'Without peritonitis' will lead you to an unspecified code.When patients present with abdo... Read more
Diagnostic Radiology:
73070 or 73080? Knowing How to Count Views Is the Key
Take advantage of 77071 opportunities for a $47 boost.You may code a lot of diagnostic X-r... Read more
Reader Question:
823.00 Covers McKeever and More
Question: Which ICD-9 code describes a McKeever Type III fracture?Wyoming SubscriberAnswer... Read more
Reader Question:
72195-72197 Apply to Sacrum
Question: We have orders for MRI of the sacrum and pelvis, and the exam includes a complet... Read more
Reader Question:
37215 and 61635 Are Internal Carotid Options
Question: Should I report 37215 or 61635 for an internal carotid stent? Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code This Incomplete MBS
Question: A patient with esophageal reflux was undergoing an MBS study with videoradiogr... Read more
ICD-9 2012:
793.11 and More Boost Your Upper Body ICD-9 Options in October
New fifth digit requirements change your old-standby NOS codes. Before you finalize your I... Read more
CCI Update:
71010 and 71020 Don't Belong on Pleural Cath Claims
Plus: 835 edit deletions mean you can't assume the usual bundles are in place.With the imp... Read more
C22.- Will Require More Liver Neoplasm Specifics Than 155.0
Hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatoblastoma will no longer share a code.When you start usi... Read more
Reader Question:
72285, 72295 Are Reportable Per Level
Question: Codes 62290 and 62291 specify "each level." May we report related codes 72285 an... Read more
Reader Question:
Modifier KX Is a Must on These MRI Claims
Question: Do the new rules on coverage for MRI with pacemaker affect coding?New Jersey Sub... Read more
Reader Question:
V72.83 May Come First on G0365 Claims
Question: What diagnosis code should be used for vein mapping prior to hemodialysis?SuperC... Read more
You Be the Coder:
37221 and 37226 Share a Claim?
Question: How should I code external iliac and common femoral angioplasty stent procedur... Read more
Case Study:
7372x: Dig Into the Explanation Behind These MRI Code Choices
See how all the 'suggested' diagnoses affect your ICD-9 options. To help keep your coding ... Read more
Pain Management:
64622-+64627: Heed UHC's Policy Update for Spinal Ablation
Request spot-on documentation of time to improve coverage chances. Does your intervent... Read more
R92.1 Will Simplify Your Mammographic Calcification Coding
The new code set pulls this finding out of the generic 'other' code.When a radiologist not... Read more
Reader Question:
38792 or 78195: You Must Pick 1
Question: If our physician injects radioactive tracer for a sentinel node biopsy and then ... Read more
Reader Question:
73120 is 'More Extensive' Than 73140
Question: One surgeon regularly orders both hand and finger X-rays (73140, 73120). CCI bun... Read more
Reader Question:
49465 Includes Imaging
Question: How should we report checking a J-tube under fluoro in a hospital-based IR lab? ... Read more
Reader Question:
93970, 93970-59 Allowed for 4 Extremities
Question: If we perform a duplex scan of both upper extremities and of both lower extremit... Read more
You Be the Coder:
71035 a Must for Decubitus?
Question: Which code(s) apply when the patient has an AP-Lat chest X-ray, as well as "spec... Read more
72141-72158 Lead MRI and MRA Edits Added July 1
70370, 70371 edit teaches the importance of checking additions and deletions. Correct ... Read more
198.5 Splits to Distinct Bone/Bone Marrow Options for ICD-10
Be sure documentation clearly helps you choose between C79.51 and C79.52.If your practice ... Read more
CMS Updates:
3 Updates Keep You Ahead of the Pack on MPFS, MRI, and ABN Changes
Don't miss the proposal to expand the MPPR from technical to professional payment.As if im... Read more
Sidestep Common ABN Pitfalls With These Tips
Not sure how exact the estimated cost must be? Try this tactic.Advance Beneficiary Notices... Read more
Reader Question:
Specialty Code 95 for ADI Eliminated
Question: Can you clarify whether we'll need to use specialty code 95 for ADI?Illinois Sub... Read more
Reader Question:
+37232 Isn't Needed for Tibioperoneal Trunk
Question: I am trying to code for angioplasty of peroneal and tibioperoneal, and angioplas... Read more
Reader Question:
71552 Service Merits 'Test Design' Review
Question: Is there a specific number of "without contrast" views required to qualify for a... Read more
Reader Question:
36215-36218 and More Apply to Selective Procedures
Question: I'm new to the interventional side of radiology coding, and I'm having trouble d... Read more
Reader Question:
36140 and 36245 Face CCI Bundle
Question: Do codes 99144, 36140, 36245, and 75710 require any modifiers to be paid when re... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Assign Codes for Elbow Case
Question: How should I report the following case? The radiologist interpreted oblique, AP,... Read more
ICD-9 2012:
415.13 and 747.3x Put Pulmonary Changes in the Spotlight
Your radiology coding tools will need to reflect cystostomy and fracture updates, too.Whet... Read more
Case Study:
74176-74178 Challenge Reveals How 2011 Coding Compares to 2010
Test yourself to be sure you've mastered this year's coding changes.Codes for abdominal an... Read more
D25.- Will Replace 218.x After the ICD-10 Transition
Just like ICD-9, ICD-10 instructions will help you match documentation and code terminol... Read more
Reader Question:
76140 Applies to Provider Requested Over-Read
Question: We are a radiology facility that our radiologists own, so we bill globally. We h... Read more
Reader Question:
72069 Requires Standing View
Question: Our order is for a scoliosis series. The report indicates 2 views, but does not ... Read more
Reader Question:
20605 Is Right Size for AC Joint
Question: If the IR injects a patient's AC joint, should we report 20610? We're debating i... Read more
Reader Question:
76536 Applies to Forehead Ultrasound
Question: Which code should be used for an ultrasound of the forehead for lesion s/p sur... Read more
Reader Question:
Certain Pacemaker Patients May See MRI Coverage
Question: I heard there was an update on Medicare's MRI coverage for patients with pacemak... Read more
Reader Question:
70546 Applies to Venogram, Too
Question: How should I code magnetic resonance venography without and with contrast?SuperC... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Code for This US Case?
Question: How should I code this report? Real time gray scale evaluation was performed usi... Read more
Diagnostic Radiology:
71010 and 71020 Are Top 10 Services, So Beware Common Documentation Downfalls
Palmetto providers: Your list of diagnoses supporting medical necessity just grew. A c... Read more
Q9967 Leads List of Radiology's Top 10 Codes
Chest X-rays, mammograms, and various CT scans round out the most frequently reported code... Read more
I70.21- Range Will Increase Your Atherosclerosis Options in 2013
Documentation should highlight the extremity involved.Some of the changes ICD-10 will brin... Read more
Neck Sprain/Strain:
847.0: Follow Typical Course of Whiplash Diagnosis and Treatment Options
Watch for inconsistencies in injection guidance coding requirements. Coding for whipla... Read more
Reader Question:
78xxx and 79xxx Edits Saw CCI Changes
Question: I've been hearing that a lot of the April CCI updates changed modifier indicator... Read more
Reader Question:
64483-+64484 Are Guided Injection Options
Question: The physician administered transforaminal epidural steroid injections to the rig... Read more
Reader Question:
997.02 Answers Call for Post-Op CVA Code
Question: Does 434.x apply to a postoperative cerebrovascular accident (CVA)?Maryland Subs... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Code Covers Follow-Up Groin Check?
Question: Our physicians do follow-up groin checks in the office after catheterization (di... Read more
0234T-0238T Offer Chance to Capture Cath Reimbursement
Don't confuse the rules for these codes with those for 37220-+37235.You may have mastered ... Read more
820.03 Counterpart Demonstrates ICD-10's Colossal Documentation Requirements
Right or left, initial or subsequent, displaced or nondisplaced -- gather it all for new... Read more
Increased Services:
Modifier 22: Beware 3 Myths of This Often Misused Modifier
Making assumptions can get you in trouble or cause you to lose rightful extra pay.If you o... Read more
150.x-156.x Match to Gastrointestinal Anatomy Sites
Stay alert for most appropriate code for 'overlapping sites.'If you have trouble distingui... Read more
Reader Questions:
Modifier AI Has Typo in AMA CPT® Manual
Question:The inside cover of my CPT® manual shows modifier A1 (letter A, number 1) f... Read more
Reader Questions:
73600-52 Describes 1-View Ankle
Question:Documentation shows AP view of one ankle. May I report 73600 for this one view?Su... Read more
Reader Questions:
76856 Needs Modifier 59 With 93975
Question:May we bill 76856 together with 93975 using modifier 59? MemberAnsw... Read more
Reader Questions:
71100 Is Possibility for This Rib Scan
Question: A woman who fell on her unprotected side reports to the ED. The ED physicia... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Apply Coding Skills to Barium Enema Case
Question:The radiologist performed barium enema for a 4-year-old male patient with a histo... Read more
Fee Schedule:
77071 Suffers an Unpopular Fee Schedule Change
See how a small status-indicator switch could cost you $46 per claim.You never know what e... Read more
75600 and Other Angiography Codes Dominate CCI 17.1 for Radiology
Edits enforce current rulesIf you need to know how to handle the Correct Coding Initiative... Read more
CPT 2011 Errata:
93922 Typo Alert: Beware Miscoding Complete Bilateral Physiologic Studies
37225 isn\'t \'open\' onlyIf you've been wondering why your CPT manual's atherectomy index... Read more
738.4 Has Multiple ICD-10 Equivalents to Prepare For
Distinguish these 2 diagnoses ICD-10 implementation in 2013 is coming fast, so take st... Read more
Pain Management:
64490-64495 Have New Injection Guidelines in CPT 2011
Revised directions change ultrasound, T12-L1 reporting.While you're getting up to speed on... Read more
Reader Questions:
MRI for Pacemaker Patients Is Under Review Again
Question: Is it true that Medicare is now covering MRI scans for patients with the new MRI... Read more
Reader Questions:
36215 Doesn't Belong With +36218
Question: May I report both 36215 and 36216, or does 36216 include 36215 because the physi... Read more
Reader Questions:
93970 With E/M Is OK
Question: Can you bill a bilateral scan (93970) along with an office visit and get paid fo... Read more
Reader Questions:
64680 Is a Match to Splanchnic Block
Question: Our pain management specialist administered a neurolytic celiac plexus block and... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Modifier 76 or 59 for Exact Same Exam?
Question: Is modifier 76 or 59 appropriate when the radiologist reviews two studies on the... Read more
CPT 2011:
49418-49422 Changes Bring IP Catheter Coding Up to Date
Beware: A place of service code error for 49418 could cost you more than $1,200.Confusing ... Read more
CPT 2011:
47490 Revision Shakes Up Your Cholecystostomy Coding This Year
Pull out the red pen to correct a dangerous error in your manual.In 2011, 47490 joined the... Read more
N20.2 Adds Option to Kidney and Ureter Calculus Coding
Use 2 examples to master Excludes1 vs. Excludes2.Kidney stone sufferers number in the mill... Read more
CPT 2011:
37228-+37235 Provide a 3-Vessel Approach for Tibial/ Peroneal Claims
Prevent refund requests by understanding proper coding for TP trunk services.If you've got... Read more
Reader Questions:
787.20 Applies When Documentation Is Lacking
Question: I need to code for a patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma status post radiation... Read more
Reader Questions:
76856 Has MUE of 1
Question: May I report more than one unit of 76856? MemberAnswer: Generally ... Read more
Reader Questions:
76775 May Be Best Match for G0389
Question: We use G0389 for AAA screening of Medicare patients. What is the corresponding C... Read more
You Be the Coder:
574.50 When Stone Is Gone?
Question: How should I report a T-tube cholangiogram through the patient's existing T-tube... Read more
CPT 2011:
76881 Earns $85 More Than 76882 for Extremity Ultrasounds
Beware of overcoding tendon or muscle scan.A remarkable rise in the number of extremity ul... Read more
CPT 2011:
37224-37227 Revolutionize Your Femoral/Popliteal Coding Options
CPT's definition of a 'single vessel' for this territory is an exception to the rule.Getti... Read more
Clip and Save:
37220-37235 Range Crosswalks to Surgical and RS&I 2010 Codes
Narrow your coding options with this quick-look tool.The new year brought a new way of thi... Read more
News You Can Use:
2011 Conversion Factor Announced in Emergency Update
RVU increases help make up for the 7.86 percent decrease.President Obama may have locked i... Read more
R51 and G44.1- Broaden Your Headache Coding Options Under ICD-10
Unlike ICD-9, vascular headaches get their own codes in the new code set.When ICD-9 become... Read more
Reader Questions:
93922 Has Special Rules for Unilateral Exams
Question: I'm confused by the 2011 guidelines for 93922-93923. When should I report 93922-... Read more
Reader Questions:
A9579 Units Follow MCPM Rule
Question: If the physician documents 0.2 cc of gadolinium, can we report 1 unit of A9579, ... Read more
Reader Questions:
74177 May Suffice for Triple-Contrast CT
Question: What does the radiologist mean when he refers to a triplecontrast CT?Answer: Typ... Read more
Reader Questions:
73560 and 73562 Apply to These Knee Views
Question: How should I code AP and sunrise views of both knees with a lateral view of the ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
72291-72292 Match Which Services?
Question: Which supervision and interpretation code is appropriate for kyphoplasty? Codes ... Read more
CPT 2011:
74176-74178 Use Becomes Clearer With These Tips
'Unbundling' becomes a taboo term for abdominal and pelvic CTs.If you've been scratching y... Read more
C34.- Requires Location for Malignant Neoplasm of Main Bronchus
Start preparing now with this glimpse at ICD-9 vs. ICD-10.ICD-9 2011 and ICD-10 2011 both ... Read more
CPT 2011:
37220 to +37223 Create an All New Iliac Intervention Coding World
Watch out for cases requiring 0238T, too.Were you ready to apply CPT's new revascularizati... Read more
Clip and Save:
37220-+37223 Coding Is a Snap Using This Tool
Let this map ease your transition to the 2011 codes.Look below to find a breakdown of CPT'... Read more
The November 2010 Radiology Coding Alert included a Reader Question titled "62268 Is Tarlo... Read more
Reader Questions:
Modifier KX Belongs on These PET PC Claims
Question: We bill the global service for NaF-18 PET scans for bone mets. Are we supposed t... Read more
Reader Questions:
414.2 Should Follow Atherosclerosis Code
Question: I heard at a conference that you shouldn't use 414.2 as a firstlisted diagnosis.... Read more
Reader Questions:
73721-73723 Apply to Hip MRIs
Question: Should I report 73721 once or twice for bilateral hip MRI?Answer: You should ind... Read more
Reader Questions:
Multiple Sources Define Codes You Shouldn't Pair
Question: Sometimes I cannot find my two-code pair in the CCI edits. How do I know which c... Read more
Reader Questions:
Modifier GV or GW Explains Hospice Service
Question: Our radiologist performed a service for a hospitalized patient on the hospice se... Read more
You Be the Coder:
G0202 Screening When Patient Had Breast Cancer?
Question: My understanding is that a routine mammogram is only for bilateral services. I a... Read more