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Radiology Coding Alert

Reconstruction During CT Does Not Automatically Signal CTA
If your radiologist documents reconstruction during a computed ... Read more
Keep Sight of Anatomic Site to Select CTA Code
As with the computed tomography (CT) scan codes, CPT breaks the CT angiograp... Read more
Use More Than One Code for Chemoembolization
Radiologists who offer chemoembolization treatment to liver cancer patients should a... Read more
E/M Coding:
Consult These Guidelines for Radiology Consults
Contrary to what many coders believe, more than one physician can bill consultation co... Read more
What Does Medicare Consider a Transfer of Care?
Because Medicare's consultation coding guidelines hinge on whether a referring physician... Read more
News Brief:
Conversion-Factor Raise To Boost RadiologistsPay
Although many radiology coders were disappointed when CMS cut the 2003 conversion fa... Read more
Screening or Diagnostic? Test Your Mammogram Identification Skills
Coding for screening-turned-diagnostic mammograms has come a long way ... Read more
Noteworthy News:
Have a Heart,Encourage Mammograms
A routine mammogram may give your patients a "heads up" on their heart as well as their ... Read more
Please Payers With These Dx Codes for 76090-76092
Don't identify a screening mammography from a diagnostic mammography and then... Read more
Take 4 Steps to Achieve Clean Claims for Breast Biopsies
One of the benefits of interventional radiology breast biopsies is quick patient ... Read more
Coder to Coder
Don't diminish the importance of Medicare's screening mammogram frequency regulations, s... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 93923-52 for Unilateral Doppler
Question: Which CPT Code should we report for a unilateral lower-extremity a... Read more
Reader Question:
Contrast,Fluoro Determine MRI Codes
Question: Which code should I report for an MRI of the elbow? Georgia Subscriber Answer... Read more
Reader Question:
76355 No Longer Just for Axial Plane
Question: Which code should we report for stereo-tactic-guided surgery or computer-assis... Read more
Reader Question:
Add 76085 to Bilateral Mammograms
Question: CPT Codes 2003 states that coders should report add-on code 76085 ... Read more
Reader Question:
Technician Can Compress Artery
Question: Can our ultrasound technician compress the artery during the pseudoaneurysm re... Read more
Reader Question:
Use Multiple Codes for Same-Day SI and Facet Injections
Question: Which codes should we report for a sacroiliac (SI) injection with three differ... Read more
Reader Question:
Base Mammogram Coding on Guidance
Question: Can we separately bill a guided breast biopsy, 19102, and a diagnostic mammogr... Read more
Reader Question:
Dont Code Multiple Wires
Question: How should I code the visualization and aspiration of two cysts in the same br... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Extra Films Standard
Question: When we have to use additional films to get a comprehensive mammogram from a p... Read more
Reader Question:
Modify Postmastectomy Mammograms
Question: How should I code a postmastectomy screening mammogram? I know the screening c... Read more
Reader Question:
Question Billing of E/M and Mammogram
Question: Can we bill separately for an E/M service and a diagnostic mammogram on the sa... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Report One Code or Two for Liver Cyst Aspiration With CT Guidance?
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before lo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Conditionally Code Aspiration
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before looking a... Read more
NCCI Makes DEXA Scans and CT
If your physician orders more than one study to confirm a patient's condition... Read more
Add a Fifth Digit to That Hyperplasia Diagnosis
Radiology practices will finally be able to specify prostate hyperplasia and hype... Read more
CMS Overhauls ICD-9 Codes
Radiologists see patients for many conditions, so don't be surprised when the... Read more
Modifiers -51 and -59:
Under the Microscope
Modifiers -51 and -59 have similar applications to tell the insurer that you performed s... Read more
News Brief:
Good News! You Can Keep the Extra Cash
Due to the late implementation of the 2003 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule , Medicare carr... Read more
Reader Question:
2 Feet Count as Multiple Scan Areas
Question: We performed a bone scan of both feet. Should we report CPT 78300 , representing... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid Myocardial Codes for Extremities
Question: I performed a thallium scan of the lower extremity with SPECT and planar images ... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Diskography RS&I per Level
Question: If our radiologist performs diskography injections at multiple levels (such as L... Read more
Reader Question:
Never Clone Your Notes
Question: In the July article Avoid Common Mistakes When Reporting Special Services, you a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Hip Arthrograms Bilaterally
Question: Our radiologist performed bilateral hip arthrograms under anesthesia. Should I r... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can I Hold a Claim Until I Have a Dx?
Question: When we see a patient for a new problem, such as cough and fever, I usually re... Read more
5 Easy Steps to Reimbursement for Spinal Fluoroscopic Guidance
According to CMS, interventional and diagnostic radiologists reported the fluoro-scopic ... Read more
Fluoroscopy Clip-and-Save Chart:
Get Paid for Fluoroscopic Guidance Every Time
Reporting fluoroscopic guidance with epidural injections is a challenge for even the most ... Read more
Carefully Choose Between 79030 and 79035
Coders often think twice about reporting 79030 and 79035 because of their complicated de... Read more
Thyroid Scan Codes:
Never Assume That 79030 and 79035 Are the Correct Codes
If you report therapeutic thyroid cancer treatments with codes 79030 and 79035, you shoul... Read more
You Be The Coder:
How Should I Report a Non-Medicare PET?
Question: I can't find an appropriate code for a PET scan for staging of neuroblasto... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid Arterial Codes for Venous Studies
Question: Our practice's superbill includes the following ICD-9 Codes for arterial s... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 76946 for Amnio Guidance
Question: Our radiologist performed ultrasound guidance to assist an ob-gyn during an amn... Read more
Reader Question:
Thin Cuts Warrant Full Code
Question: Our radiologist performed an abdominal CT without contrast. He documented "thin... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Append -26 to 76140
Question: Should we append modifier -26 to CPT 76140 when we perform a consultation on ... Read more
Reader Question:
Four-View Spine X-Ray May Be 72110
Question: Our radiology technologist performed a four-view x-ray of the spine including f... Read more
Reader Question:
Ask Private Payers for a -59 Alternative
Question: In your August article "Modifiers -51 and -59: Under the Microscope," you recom... Read more
Reader Question:
There Are Alternatives to Modifier -50
Question: When we report bilateral hip arthrograms using CPT 73525 -50, our carrier alwa... Read more
MUGA Scan Primer:
Report 78473 for Bodies in Motion,78472 for Bodies at Rest
Radiology practices that perform multiple gated acquisition (MUGA) scans for... Read more
CPT Codes for MUGA Scans
  Search the 2012 CPT codes for all possible scenarios related ... Read more
CPT 2003 Delivers Quintuplets:
Breaking Down the Five New Ultrasound Codes
If your practice believes that all of your obstetric ultrasound... Read more
2003 Fee Schedule Update:
CMS Slashes Conversion Rate
To many radiology practices, CMS'2003 Physician Fee Schedule contains bone-chilli... Read more
CCI 9.0 Bundles Epidurography into Neurological Injections
Version 9.0 of the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI ), which took effect on Jan. 1, bundle... Read more
78195 Includes Tracer Injection
Question: After we performed a sulfur colloid injection under ultrasound gui... Read more
Reader Question:
Level II Modifiers Pinpoint Anatomic Site
Question: Should we append the Level II site modifiers (-FA, -F1 through -F9) when we x... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Use Same Code for MRVand MRA
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before lo... Read more
Bill US Mammogram After Clip Placement Once in a Blue Moon
" Confusion over the guidelines for coding mammograms following breast biopsies creates... Read more
Radiopharmaceuticals Reimbursement Has Half a Life
Knowing when and how to report various HCPCS Level II or Level III codes is cruci... Read more
G Code Changes Prostate Brachytherapy Pay Up
As Medicare continues to scale back payment for the time-intensive, complex ... Read more
3-D Simulation Takes Radiation Oncology into Next Dimension
Radiation oncology coders working with practices that perform complex radiation treat... Read more
Correct Use of 77470 Ensures Pay Up of IORT
When treating a particularly difficult case of cancer with a multiservice regimen, the... Read more
Follow-Up to E/M Portion of IMRT
As radiation oncology coders continue to grapple with the complex, multistep... Read more
Reader Question:
E/M Billing for Delayed Therapy Is Possible
Question: Our radiation oncologist sometimes sees patients for an initial E/M service e... Read more
Reader Question:
Image Fusion Requires Multiple Codes
Question: Is there a single correct code to describe image fusion? Our office manager ha... Read more
Reader Question:
Difference Between Cone-Down and Bending Views
Question: Can someone tell me what cone-down views are with regard to doing lumbar view... Read more
Reader Question:
Sinus CT Study Has Two Options
Question: I just read that if a screening sinus CT study is performed, two options exist... Read more
Reader Question:
Adding -TC to Spot Films
Question: When a non-radiologist performs a procedure such as fluoroscopy that uses bo... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Code a Cisternogram
Question: I've never coded a cisternogram before. The procedure notes say that the needl... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Nephrostomy Replacement Tube
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before looki... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Block Verification Is a Highly Audited Code
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before looking... Read more
Avoid Common Mistakes When Reporting Special Services Codes
If your radiation oncology practice frequently reports special services co... Read more
Dont Let Your Lengthy E/M Visits Go Underpaid
The next time your radiologist spends extra time reassuring and counseling a pati... Read more
Think Youve Made Your Case for Modifier -22? Not if You Havent Done These 5 Things
If you're submitting claims for unusual procedural services withou... Read more
Test Yourself:
Opt for -22 Over an Unlisted-Procedure Code
Question: Our physician asks us to report procedures that take extra time and effort ... Read more
Reader Questions:
76040, 76066 Signal Joint Survey
Question: How should I report a long leg x-ray that includes films of the hip, knee, ank... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use Several Codes for Aortic Angiograms
Question: Our interventional radiologist positioned a catheter in the patient's aortic ar... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report 74328-74330 for ERCP RS&I
Question: Our physician performed the radiological supervision and interpretation (RS... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report 32999 for Lung Tumor Ablation
Question: Our interventional radiologist performed a CT-guided lung tumor ablation. Does a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Pregnant U/S Code With Positive Test
Question: A patient presented with a history of a positive pregnancy test, but she compla... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose Your Coding Poison Based on Documentation
Question: How should I decide whether managing excessive bleeding that requires extra phy... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can I Report Surgical Assist?
Question: Our interventional radiologist often assists during nephrolithotripsy s... Read more
Stop Losing Money on Physics Consults in Stop Losing Money on Freestanding Centers
If your freestanding radiation oncology center employs its own radiation physicist, yo... Read more
What About Physicists Services for SNF Patients?
Freestanding radiation oncology centers that perform physics consultations (77336-77370) f... Read more
3 Tips for Ethically Reporting E/M Visits During Global
Global periods which define a package of services associated with certain radiology code... Read more
Append -52 for Halted CT
Question: Our radiologist used CT guidance to biopsy a pancreas mass, but the mass kept m... Read more
Use Two Codes for U/S, Doppler
Question: How should we report an abdominal ultrasound and a color Doppler? Alabama Subsc... Read more
Report Breast Biopsy and Imaging
Question: Because the descriptor for breast biopsy code 19102 states, "using imaging guid... Read more
G0131 Deleted for Bone Density Tests
Question: Our carrier denied G0131 (Computerized tomography bone mineral density study, o... Read more
Mammography Codes Include All Views
Question: We performed diagnostic right breast mammography with additional views to deter... Read more
Follow-Up U/S Warrants 76815-76816
Question: The physician ordered an obstetrical ultrasound to check placental position for ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can We Report Repeat X-Rays During Surgery?
Question: We performed a two-view ankle x-ray before surgery so the physician could confir... Read more
Reach the Tip of TIPS Reimbursement With New Codes
TIPS coders, take note: You should no longer report five codes for TIPS proc... Read more
Coding Case Study:
Ace Renal Scan Coding: Avoid Double-Dipping
If your practice performs pre-ordered multiple kidney studies (one with pharmacolo... Read more
Fractions Count! Get the Most Out of 77427
Even though carriers refer to CPT 77427 (Radiation treatment management, five tre... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Aspiration Code Per Lesion
Question: How many codes should I report for an ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsy with fo... Read more
Reader Question:
51798 Has No Professional Component
Question: Does the new CPT 51798 include a professional component that we can report ... Read more
Reader Question:
CMS Denies Screening Mammograms for Males
Question: An ob-gyn ordered a screening mammogram for a male Medicare patient with a f... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Two Codes for Triple Scan
Question: How should we code a triple-contrast computed tomography (CT) scan? New Hampsh... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 76872 for Transrectal Echography
Question: I performed ultrasonic guidance during a prostate biopsy. Can I bill for both ... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 74430 for Bladder Cystography
Question: Which code should we report when we perform bladder cystography? Arizona Subs... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Dont Split Bilateral Services
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before looking... Read more
NCCI Update:
Version 9.1Bundles Nuclear Medicine Codes
Version 9.1 of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI), which took effect Apri... Read more
Take a Break to Report Two Radiation Treatments
It's official: You can report multiple radiation treatment sessions (CPT 77401 -CP... Read more
Benchmark Your Radiation Code Use
According to CMS' physician utilization data, radiation oncologists reported the "20... Read more
Radiation Treatment Delivery Codes Defined
The following CPT Codes apply to radiation treatment delivery services: 77401 Rad... Read more
News Brief:
Medicare Allows PET Scan, MRA for New Diagnoses
Medicare offered radiologists a double-dose of good news in April with two new decisio... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Thyroid Biopsies Per Nodule
Question: When we perform core biopsies on both thyroid nodes, I report two biopsy codes... Read more
Reader Question:
75887 May Signal TIPS Without Revision
Question: Should we report the new TIPS codes if we perform a TIPS evaluation without an... Read more
Reader Question:
Reconstruction Versus CTA
Question: Our radiologist performed computed tomography (CT) studies with and without co... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Two Codes for Five Films
Question: We performed the following knee x-rays: a standing frontal view of both knees... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can We Report Completion Angiogram After Chemoembolization?
Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before lo... Read more
Refresh Your Feeding-Tube Placement Expertise With 3 FAQs
Differentiate between G- and J-tubes to speed payment If your interventional radiologist ... Read more
4 Tips to Improve Clinical Treatment Planning Pay
Here's how to report 77261-77263 If you're not sure how to report CPT 77261 -CPT 77263 ... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Makes NCCI Free
Tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars a year to stay current on changes to the Nationa... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 37620 for IVC Filter Placement
Question: How should I report an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter placement? South Carolina... Read more
Reader Question:
Suspected Foreign Body: V Code
Question: One of our radiologists sent me an x-ray report for a 21-month-old child. The re... Read more
Reader Question:
Append -52 for Pacemaker, No Pocket
Question: How should we bill for a pacemaker procedure when the physician inserted the pac... Read more
Reader Question:
CT for Amputee May Not Warrant -52
Question: We performed an extremity CT scan without contrast for a patient whose lower l... Read more
Reader Question:
Base Brachytherapy Code on Catheters
Question: One of our radiation oncologists performed brachytherapy on a breast using a Mam... Read more
Reader Question:
Decreased Breath Sounds? Consult Doctor
Question: Our radiologist documented a chest x-ray with the diagnosis "Decreased br... Read more
Reader Question:
Ask Insurer About Multiple MRIs
Question: Our MRI technician performed an MRI of the thigh and an MRI of the calf during t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Is There a Dx Code for Dyke-Davidoff-Mason Syndrome?
Question: One of our radiologists documented "Dyke-Davidoff-Mason syndrome" in the final i... Read more
Tighten Up Your Claims:
CPT 2004 Brings Debut of 22 Catheter, Line Placement Codes
Radiology coders, rejoice: CPT 2004 completely revamps the catheter and line placement a... Read more
The New CPT Codes at a Glance
The following list highlights several of the new radiology CPT Codes that will make thei... Read more
5 OIG Hot Spots and How to Steer Clear of Them
Want to avoid OIG scrutiny in 2004?  Watch your IDTF claims You've assigned the righ... Read more
NCCI 9.3 Update:
Transvaginal U/S Is Bundled Into Complete Pelvic U/S
Attention, Radiology Coder: You can no longer report a nonobstetric transvaginal ultraso... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Report Conferences to Medicare
Question: Our radiologist treated a patient with mental illness for an aneurysm (ICD-9 437... Read more
Reader Question:
Virtual Colonography: No Code Exists
Question: We sometimes perform virtual colonogra-phy, either without contrast or with 3-D ... Read more
Reader Question:
Eat the Cost of Oral Contrast
Question: We often perform CT abdominal scans following oral contrast, but without IV cont... Read more
Reader Question:
Temporal Bone CT Is Bundled Into Head CT
Question: We performed a CT of the temporal bones along with a CT of the head, but we can'... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can We Report Fluoro With Epidural?
Question: Your September article "Five Steps to Fluoroscopy Reimbursement" ind... Read more
Collect Reimbursement for DEXA Scans on Male Patients
Most radiology coders can easily rattle off the osteoporosis and postmenopausal-state ICD-... Read more
3 Easy Steps to DEXA Scan Diagnosis Coding
Ensuring proper diagnosis coding for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans can b... Read more
Reporting 77300 Multiple Times? Read This First
Know your carrier's requirement and restrictions If you're reporting CPT 77300... Read more
Taking the 'S' Out of RS&I? Use Modifier -52
How to designate 'reduced services' Radiologists frequently report the radiolo... Read more
6 Must-Have HIPAA Training Skills
You can have all the HIPAA training in the world, but if you're not enforcing and pr... Read more
Don't Let Home Coding Turn Into a Code Red
Just because you're coding from home doesn't mean you don't have to be HIPAA-compliant. Mo... Read more
11 Ways to Minimize Fax and E-Mail Risks
If you want to stay out of the courthouse and the newspapers, follow these personal health... Read more
Fax and E-Mail Confidentiality Disclaimer
Providers who fax or e-mail protected health information should place disclaimers in their... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 78473 and 78461 for Thallium and MUGA
Question: How should we bill for multiple planar thallium studies or multiple-gated acqu... Read more
Reader Question:
Report BPP Separate From Ultrasound
Question: If I perform a complete ultrasound (CPT 76805 ) or a detailed fetal anatomy (C... Read more
Reader Question:
Extra Coccyx View Is Included
Question: When a physician orders a coccyx x-ray, but the radiology technologist takes t... Read more
Reader Question:
NEC, NOS: There Are Differences
Question: What do ""NEC"" and ""NOS"" mean in IC... Read more
Reader Question:
Use Secondary ICD-9 for Metastases
Question: If a patient has cancer and the physician wants to evaluate for metastatic dis... Read more
Reader Question:
Report 61050 for Cervical Puncture
Question: I performed a diagnostic puncture at C1-C2. When I perform these procedures at ... Read more
Reader Question:
Ultrasounds Don't Require Contrast
Question: Is there a code for a gallbladder ultrasound without contrast? New Hampshire... Read more
Reader Question:
Varicose Vein Cryosurgery: Unlisted-Procedure Code
Question: Which CPT Code should I report for interventional cryosurgery of varicose vei... Read more
Reader Question:
Save Yourself Construction Costs
Question: Are physical barriers available to prevent patients and visitors from viewing co... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How should I report a portogram?
Question: Is there a CPT Code for a portogram? I can't find one in the CPT manual . Oh... Read more