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Pulmonology Coding Alert

READER QUESTION ~ Help CMS Form 1 Pulmonary Rehab Policy

Question: Does CMS have a national coverage determination on pulmonary rehabilitation?

California Subscriber Answer: No. "Currently, CMS does not cover pulmonary rehabilitation as a single entity," according to "NCA Tracking Sheet for Pulmonary Rehabilitation: CAG-00356N."

But leaving coverage up to local carriers may soon end. On Dec. 27, 2006, CMS opened a request to review the coverage of pulmonary rehabilitation. You can comment and submit evidence related to pulmonary rehabilitation including:

what is an appropriate definition of pulmonary rehabilitation?

what are the components of pulmonary rehabilitation?

is pulmonary rehabilitation conducted similarly in all settings?

what are patient outcomes for pulmonary rehabilitation?

does adequate evidence exist, including clinical trials, for evaluating health outcomes of pulmonary rehabilitation in the Medicare population? Get involved: Help CMS form an NCD by entering comments at

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