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Pulmonology Coding Alert

CORRECTION ~ Mark 94644, 94645 as New Continuous Inhalation Codes

Double-check that you added 94644 and 94645 on your encounter sheets as the newly created inhalation codes.

The January 2007 Pulmonology Coding Alert incorrectly listed codes 94644 (Continuous inhalation treatment with aerosol medication for acute airway obstruction; first hour) and +94645 (... each additional hour [list separately in addition to code for primary procedure]) as 94664-94665. On page 4, the chart "Revel in the Plethora of Pulmonary Codes Coming Your Way This Winter" contains:

• Code: 94664-94665

• Status: new

• Details: two time-based codes for continuous bronchodilator inhalation treatment lasting at least one hour. "In the 2007 CPT book the new codes listed are 94644 and 94645," says Piera Rosini, billing manager at Associated Pulmonologists of Western CT LLC in Brookfield, Ct.

The text of the article correctly listed inhalation CPT codes as 94644 and 94645.

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