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PMDD = Premenstrual Syndrome

Question: The advertisements on television lately advise patients to see their physicians about a condition called Premenstrual Dysphoric Dysfunction (PMDD). Some patients are asking about this condition. How do we code this diagnosis? Is there a new code?

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Answer: According to Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, PMDD is the current term for what was previously known as premenstrual tension syndrome or premenstrual syndrome, described by ICD-9 code 625.4 (premenstrual tension syndromes).

PMDD is receiving a lot of attention these days because of new advertising campaigns sponsored by drug companies that sell anti-depressive medications. Recent studies indicate there is some evidence that these medications may decrease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome if they are given during certain days of the menstrual cycle. To increase visibility and sales, drug companies are publicizing PMDD as if it were a new condition. Similarly, they have renamed and repositioned their medications as effective treatments for this condition.

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