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Family Practice Coding Alert

Pulmonary Function Codes

Additional CPT 2001 codes for pulmonary function.

94010 spirometry, including graphic record, total and timed vital capacity, expiratory flow rate measurement[s], with or without maximal voluntary ventilation

94014 patient-initiated spirometric recording per 30-day period of time; includes reinforced education, transmission of spirometric tracing, data capture, analysis of transmitted data, periodic recalibration and physician review and interpretation

94015 patient-initiated spirometric recording per 30-day period of time; recording (includes hook-up, reinforced education, data transmission, data capture, trend analysis, and periodic recalibration)

94016 patient-initiated spirometric recording per 30-day period of time; physician review and interpretation only

94060 bronchospasm evaluation; spirometry as in 94010, before and after bronchodilator (aerosol or parenteral)

94070 prolonged postexposure evaluation of bronchospasm with multiple spirometric determinations after antigen, cold air, methacholine or other chemical agent, with subsequent spirometrics

94150 vital capacity, total (separate procedure)

94200 maximum breathing capacity, maximal voluntary ventilation

94240 functional residual capacity or residual volume: helium method, nitrogen open circuit method, or other method

94375 respiratory flow volume loop

94620 pulmonary stress testing; simple (e.g., prolonged exercise test for bronchospasm with pre- and post-spirometry)

94640 nonpressurized inhalation treatment for acute airway obstruction

94650 intermittent positive pressure breathing [IPPB] treatment, air or oxygen, with or without nebulized medication; initial demonstration and/or evaluation

94664 aerosol or vapor inhalations for sputum mobilization, bronchodilation, or sputum induction for diagnostic purposes; initial demonstration and/or evaluation

94720 carbon monoxide diffusing capacity, any method

94770 carbon dioxide, expired gas determination by infrared analyzer