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Family Practice Coding Alert

Get to Know Just 2 New Kidney Disease ICD-9 Codes


Speed through upcoming diagnostic changes with our expert's top FP picks

Looking at the 145 proposed new diagnostic codes could prove overwhelming. But you can focus on 31 codes that matter with this short list. The following custom chart allows you to concentrate on understanding the ICD-9 changes that will affect your family physician.

Example: Even though ICD-9 will introduce seven codes (585.1-585.9) related to chronic renal failure, your FP will probably use two of them - 585.6 (End-stage renal disease) and 585.9 (Chronic kidney disease, unspecified), says Daniel S. Fick, MD, director of risk management and compliance for the College of Medicine faculty practice at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. "The physician probably wouldn't know what stage the patient's kidney disease was in," he says.

When the new diagnoses become effective Oct. 1, consider revising your encounter sheets with these codes.

Idea: Designate a binder for information on this fall's ICD-9 changes. Your general reference section should include a copy of the three Family Practice Coding Alert articles and charts that highlight the new and revised diagnostic codes.

What to expect: Our September 2005 issue will offer advice on using four new personal history (V12.6x and V13.0x series) and 10 vaccination contraindication (V64.0x series) V codes. Learn about the 21 sleep problem diagnostic changes (291.8x, 292.8x, 327.xx and 780.5x series) in October's issue.

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