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Practice Management Alert

Craving Successful Appeals? Engage Payers Like This
Brush up on tips to turn that stack of denials into cash your practice deserves. Finally,... Read more
HR Corner:
Give Your Sexual Harassment Policies A Fresh Look And Due Diligence
No one wants to experience sexual harassment, but make sure you're prepared to respond. S... Read more
Office Culture:
Reframe Your Reactions to Help Your Practice Thrive
Learn some ways to tweak your thinking and take your office culture to a more positive pla... Read more
Industry Updates and Deadlines:
Utilize This Handy New Form for PHI Requests
Try this new option for patient health request and consent. Don't get snagged by HIPAA ... Read more
Reader Question:
Rev Cycle Team Craves Acknowledgement
Question: Hi, I manage my practice's revenue cycle team, and I'd like to better under... Read more
Reader Question:
Cell Phone Begs Conversation on Office Usage
Question: Hello, I have a question about different generational expectations amongst ... Read more
Reader Question:
Do Appeals Rules Cross State Lines?
Question: Hi, I live in a tristate area and many of our patients live in a different ... Read more
Emergency Preparedness:
Do Your Exam Room Doors Have Locks?
Make plans now to avoid loss of life from shooting events. Americans have, for years, liv... Read more
Emergency Preparedness:
Know And Practice These Steps
‘Muscle memory’ and knowing emergency response plans inside and out could save... Read more
Clip 'N' Save:
Take These Steps Now To Avoid IT Security Snafus
Make sure your practice – and reputation – are resilient against cybersecurity... Read more
HR Corner:
Treat Colleague Colds with Compassion
Make your practice environment more productive while avoiding contamination. Every employ... Read more
Don't Fall Prey To HIPAA Breaches
Tip: Proof of a risk analysis and implemented plan help after a breach. If you’ve a... Read more
Does Your Marketing Program Violate the Anti-Kickback Statute?
Tips for avoiding fines, even when a gift seems harmless. Could a vendor’s holiday ... Read more
ABNs: Take the Time to Get Them Right
Going slow now could save your practice and your patients headaches tomorrow. An ABN (Adv... Read more
What is an ABN?
The ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) is the medical equivalent of those product disclaimer... Read more
Focus Your Staff Training and Education on Customer Service
Training and education are important components of improving staff performance, but have y... Read more
Reader Question:
Handling Payer Objections During Negotiations
Question: When we’re negotiating rates with our payers, it seems like they obje... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Outsource RCM
Question: My practice is feeling a little overwhelmed by the scale of our revenue cyc... Read more
Reader Question:
Use Value Stream Mapping to Clarify Processes
Question: We’re trying to standardize all of our practice’s processes to ... Read more
Secrets of Running a Successful Multi-Location Practice
How to leverage your practice’s scale for more efficiency and profit. It has never ... Read more
2 Must-Read Updates From CMS: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and ICD-10-CM
Find out how payments will be adjusted next year to plan for a thriving financial future. ... Read more
All Your ICD-10 Updates Have Arrived!
Get to know what’s new for next year, and see more accurate and more profitable codi... Read more
Reader Question:
Keep Staff Safe and Happy with HR Compliance
Question: My practice spends so much time on compliance, but I still feel at sea when... Read more
Reader Question:
Best Practices for Compliant OON Billing
Question: We’ve had more and more out-of-network patients lately, but we’... Read more
Follow These Tips for Training Your Staff to Master EHR
Educate your employees on new electronic systems to reduce stress and boost productivity ... Read more
Here's What's New for MIPS in 2018
Stay on top of changes for easier administration and higher reimbursements. Despite the u... Read more
Adopt These 5 Essential Elements of Strong Physician Contracts
Write contracts that keep physicians engaged and lead to future success. You need your wh... Read more
Create a Code of Conduct to Live By
At MGMA’s Financial Management and Payer Contracting conference, Stephen Dickens, JD... Read more
Reader Question:
Incentivize Your Employees
Question: I know that employee incentives can be a good way to motivate my practice s... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid These Interview Questions
Question: Our practice is growing, and my practice manager has asked me to help out b... Read more
Reader Question:
How To Prevent Embezzlement
Question: What are some basic procedures our practice can implement to guard ourselve... Read more
10 Ways To Boost Staff Success at a Conference
How to make sure all employees get training they can bring back to benefit your practice. ... Read more
How Private Equity Can Grow Your Practice
This investment system might offer the key to expanding your operations. Private equity (... Read more
Reader Question:
Hold More Effective Meetings
Question: Our practice meetings take up a lot of time, and they don’t seem like... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's How to Retain Good Employees
Question: It’s so hard to find good staff these days, and we’re worried a... Read more
10 Steps to Succeed with MIPS, Value-Based Reimbursement
Which old-school FFS moves still boost practice revenue—and which ones you must ditc... Read more
How To Hire & Retain the Best Millennial Employees
Harness the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of your younger staff to better serve p... Read more
Telephone Techniques That Help Millennials Create Better Patient Experiences
Many patients speak to your staffers by phone before they ever set foot in your practice. ... Read more
Who Makes Decisions for Dementia Patients? Find Out
Patient engagement gets trickier when dementia is involved. Here’s what to do. For ... Read more
Engage Dementia Patients and their Families to Make Better Decisions
Ensuring that the right people make medical decisions is the goal of capacity determinatio... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Patients Feel Better About Electronic Payments
Question: What should our practice know about implementing electronic billing and pay... Read more
What's Your EQ? Find Out With This Advice
Here’s how to staff your practice for better patient engagement. For quite a while,... Read more
Patient Portals:
Weigh The Pros and Cons of Patient Portals
Electronic portals can help you better serve and retain patients, but they still face some... Read more
How Tracking and Comparing Your Practice's Stats Can Improve Operations
Implement financial benchmarking to see problems coming before they impact your bottom lin... Read more
What to Do When You Don't Meet a Benchmark
As a physician or practice manager reviewing your monthly data, you now have a sensitive d... Read more
Reader Question:
Reduce No-Show Rates
Question: Patient no-shows are really hurting our practice’s bottom line. We us... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Your Digital Presence More Patient-Centered
Question: We want to improve our practice website so it’s easier for our curren... Read more
Successfully Navigate the Maze of Prior Authorization
Save time and reduce frustration with 5 key strategies. If you want to make a medical pro... Read more
Coalition Takes Action on Prior Authorization Requirements
There’s good news from the AMA on fixing a broken system. Having useful work-around... Read more
What to Expect When Auditors Come Knocking
Preparation Can Get You Through this Stress-Inducing Process You’ve received a &ldq... Read more
Unleash the Power of Direct Mail
Use An Old Reliable Method To Generate New Business For Your Practice Direct mail marketi... Read more
Reader Question:
Weighs Pros and Cons of Patient Engagement Technology
Question: We’re starting to use more technology and online tools to engage our ... Read more
How to Avoid Being Excluded by the Office of Inspector General
Teaser: You’ll want to take these 7 actions if you receive an audit letter. Now ... Read more
But What if Obamacare is Repealed?
The healthcare industry is waiting anxiously to see how the Republican Congress will cha... Read more
Stay Compliant With These Overpayment Processing Tips
Check with your payers before returning overpayments to prevent billing cycle issues. The... Read more
What to Do About Secondary Insurance and Direct Patient Overpayments
In most cases, the overpayments that you’ll have to deal with will come from one sin... Read more
The Lowdown on the 60-Day Overpayment Rule
Just last year, CMS issued a rule that set a 60-day limit on returning overpayments to f... Read more
Practice Efficiency:
Thinking About Hiring a Scribe? Consider These Pros and Cons
Scribes can help you increase productivity and connect with patients. Every medical profe... Read more
A New and Improved Scribe:
Introducing "The Super-Tech"
Noted optometrist Neil Gailmard has pioneered the use of a special kind of scribe he calls... Read more
HHS OIG Toughens Exclusion Rules for Medicare, Medicaid
Here’s where you can read the final rule for yourself. Attention physician pract... Read more
MIPS: Is the Reimbursement Increase Worth It?
Plus, how to do the absolute minimum to meet MIPS requirements in 2017.> The good n... Read more
6 Rules For Billing for NPP Services As "Incident To"
Here are the requirements you have to meet. If you’re wondering how to get that ... Read more
Customer Service:
Follow This Quick-Start Guide to Mobile Patient Engagement
4 questions to ask before you take the plunge. Unless you’ve been under a rock l... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Tackle The Question of Upfront Co-Pays
Question: Is it an acceptable practice for our anesthesia group to collect upfront ... Read more
Reader Question:
Beware Making a HIPAA Violation
Question: I sometimes e-mail patient records to consultants for help on how to bill... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's How to Meet the Timely Filing Deadline
Question: We have a timely filing concern. We are ready to submit a claim for a pat... Read more
Payer Contracts:
How to Begin the Payer Contract Renegotiation Process
5 steps that get the renegotiation ball rolling to improve practice revenue. Do you kn... Read more
What to Put in a Contract Termination Notice
Keep your notice formal and simple, advises Penny Noyes, president, CEO and founder of H... Read more
Embezzlement Prevention:
To Catch an Embezzler: Spotting Ne'er-Do-Wells in Your Practice
Are you among the 80 percent of practices that will experience embezzlement in the next ... Read more
Get Credit Cards on File to Reduce Time in A/R
Trim days in A/R from 90 to 30. Are you facing an increase in A/R costs? Changing your... Read more
Patient Flow:
Patient Flow Techniques to Boost Your Bottom Line
Improve patient satisfaction to prepare for the value-based care era. Take a look aro... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Step Carefully with E/M Code for Multiple Visits in a Single Day
Question: I work in a practice that has multiple specialties, including internal me... Read more
Reader Question:
Look for Cost Savings in Unexpected Places
Question: Our practice is trying to determine where we can cut costs to improve our... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Code Inappropriately for Incomplete Visit
Question: A mother brought her daughter for a well child check-up, although she did... Read more