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Practice Management Alert

Compliance Quizzer:
Refine Your Breach Reporting Knowledge
Hint: The categories of breach are pretty all-encompassing. You and your colleagues may b... Read more
Staffing Decisions:
Adjust Your Policies and Protocols for Remote Coders
Cross these t's and dot these i's before hiring a remote coder. Having a coder whose work... Read more
Compliance Quizzer:
Check Your Answers Here
Tip: Bolster your protocols for additional peace of mind. Answer 1: False. Not every... Read more
Reader Question:
Write a Form to Keep Credit Cards on File
Question: We recently had a consultant come in to evaluate our accounts receivables and co... Read more
Reader Question:
Encrypt Your Devices
Question: I've been reading a lot about encryption and hearing about it in the news. Do we... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Use This Code for No-Shows
Question: My office has had an uptick in no-show patients. One of my coders says that he c... Read more
Reader Question:
Note These Levels of Appeals
Question: I submitted a claim to my region's Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for ... Read more
Medicare Basics:
Dive Deep into Medicare Mythology
Boost your Medicare fluency by understanding its various components. If your practice acc... Read more
Know Who Can Bill Medicare
Hint: Credentials matter. Check out these true or false questions to test your knowledge ... Read more
HR Corner:
Get Your New Hire Paperwork in Order
Write your offer letter to include these crucial components. Even if your practice avoids... Read more
Industry Note:
Patients’ Desire for Antibiotics Driving Prescriptions
If your practice is overprescribing antibiotics, it's not alone. If any physician at your... Read more
Reader Question:
Seek New Code for Care That Falls Under This Umbrella
Question: There are multiple clinicians in my practice. Can the clinician who's overseeing... Read more
Reader Question:
Make the Case That Palliative Care Is Medically Necessary
Question: I keep getting palliative care claims rejected because the payer says the care d... Read more
Reader Question:
Count Family Medical History as PHI
Question: Does a patient's family medical history fall under information protected by the ... Read more