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Practice Management Alert

COVID-19 Relief:
See How Federal Help for Providers Really Shakes Out
Some providers may find that the relief isn't quite enough. The second wave of funding f... Read more
PHE and Finance:
Learn the Ins and Outs of Coronavirus Funding
Various funding legislation requires different rules — and things keep getting more comp... Read more
Compliance Quizzer:
Boost Your Understanding of Healthcare Financial Regulations
Hint: Although these laws are grouped together, their implications can be very different. ... Read more
Coronavirus Funding Relief:
Note These PPP Caveats
Read the fine print, experts advise. Many doctors' offices and other healthcare business... Read more
Compliance Quizzer:
Check Your Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute Knowledge Here
How does your understanding of these regulations compare to an expert's? 1. True. “Star... Read more
Reader Question:
Beware COVID-19-Related Phishing
Question: Even months into the COVID-19 pandemic, I still feel like it's kind of hard to c... Read more
Reader Question:
Find Clarity in Provider Relief Fund Requirements
Question: How do I know which information the Department of Health and Human Services... Read more
Telehealth Services:
Understand These Special Telehealth Regs for PHE
Pay attention to COVID-19-specific encounter and billing guidance. You may have seen that... Read more
Coding and Billing:
Code Medicare Telehealth Encounters Like This
Hint: The PHE expands access, but the de facto billing requirements don't change too much.... Read more
Virtual Encounters:
Focus on Empathy When Connecting with Patients
Use these tips for showcasing bedside manner through telehealth. Even though using techn... Read more
Virtual Encounters:
Keep This Virtual Services Primer Handy
The categories extend beyond telehealth and telemedicine. Understanding the nuts-and-bo... Read more
Reader Question:
Stay on Top of COVID-19 Code Changes
Question: What is the current guidance on coding a COVID-19 infection? Washington, D.C. S... Read more
Reader Question:
COVID-19 Medicare Changes May Become Permanent
Question: Are all these changes to telehealth and other forms of virtual medicine temporar... Read more
Infection Prevention and Control:
Know How to Screen Patients and Code COVID-19
If the disease hasn't affected your community yet, make your preparations now. U.S. exper... Read more
Prioritize Patient Privacy, Even During Emergencies
Bone up on which parts of the HIPAA Privacy Rule apply during a public health emergency. ... Read more
Best Practices:
Use These Tips for Managing a Business During an Outbreak
Keep your staff safe and your practice decontaminated. Making decisions about operations ... Read more
Medicare Focus:
Know These 2020 MIPS Nuances
Check out your stats to see if you may be exempt. Even though the Quality Payment Progra... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand Prolonged Exposure, HCP
Question: I work in a specialist's office, not a hospital, but I'm curious: What constitut... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand ‘Bilateral’ Procedures — but Know Code Guidance
Question: Do I need always need to use modifier 50 when choosing a code to represent a pro... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand This Shift in E/M Documentation
Question: Are there any major takeaways in the new evaluation/ management (E/M) changes re... Read more
Payers and Regulations:
Become More Familiar with These Telehealth Regs
Hint: Location matters more than you may think. The advent of telehealth is bringing heal... Read more
Glossary Boost:
Add These AI Terms to Your Vocabulary
Learn the basics now, as various forms of AI are incorporated into the healthcare industry... Read more
Best Practices:
Understand How Medical Nondisclosure Agreements Function
Hint: They may not offer the protections organizations count upon. Nondisclosure agreemen... Read more
Answer Key:
Check How you Matched Each Term to its Definition
Then keep this ready-made glossary handy if you think you may need to refer back. 1, G: U... Read more
Reader Question:
See This Difference Between Coding Systems
Question: I am new to practice management and am confused by the acronyms and modifiers us... Read more
Reader Question:
See Through this Common Preventive Service Myth
Question: My office saw a patient for a regular preventive visit but discovered an issue i... Read more
Reader Question:
Double-Check Status of MBI
Question: I've had a few claims rejected for Medicare patients, even though I know I have ... Read more
Reader Question:
Use These Safeguards for Patient Records
Question: A new front-desk staff member insists that our office is violating the Health In... Read more
Compliance Quizzer:
Refine Your Breach Reporting Knowledge
Hint: The categories of breach are pretty all-encompassing. You and your colleagues may b... Read more
Staffing Decisions:
Adjust Your Policies and Protocols for Remote Coders
Cross these t's and dot these i's before hiring a remote coder. Having a coder whose work... Read more
Compliance Quizzer:
Check Your Answers Here
Tip: Bolster your protocols for additional peace of mind. Answer 1: False. Not every... Read more
Reader Question:
Write a Form to Keep Credit Cards on File
Question: We recently had a consultant come in to evaluate our accounts receivables and co... Read more
Reader Question:
Encrypt Your Devices
Question: I've been reading a lot about encryption and hearing about it in the news. Do we... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Use This Code for No-Shows
Question: My office has had an uptick in no-show patients. One of my coders says that he c... Read more
Reader Question:
Note These Levels of Appeals
Question: I submitted a claim to my region's Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for ... Read more
Medicare Basics:
Dive Deep into Medicare Mythology
Boost your Medicare fluency by understanding its various components. If your practice acc... Read more
Know Who Can Bill Medicare
Hint: Credentials matter. Check out these true or false questions to test your knowledge ... Read more
HR Corner:
Get Your New Hire Paperwork in Order
Write your offer letter to include these crucial components. Even if your practice avoids... Read more
Industry Note:
Patients’ Desire for Antibiotics Driving Prescriptions
If your practice is overprescribing antibiotics, it's not alone. If any physician at your... Read more
Reader Question:
Seek New Code for Care That Falls Under This Umbrella
Question: There are multiple clinicians in my practice. Can the clinician who's overseeing... Read more
Reader Question:
Make the Case That Palliative Care Is Medically Necessary
Question: I keep getting palliative care claims rejected because the payer says the care d... Read more
Reader Question:
Count Family Medical History as PHI
Question: Does a patient's family medical history fall under information protected by the ... Read more