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Practice Management Alert

CMS Updates:
Know What's Coming Down The Pike For MIPS, MPFS
A steady flow of small E/M changes are heading your way. Don't worry too much about a sud... Read more
Best Practices:
Craft An Internal Auditing Program Like This
Hint: You cannot overcommunicate when it comes to expectations concerning compliance. Int... Read more
HR Corner:
Don't Neglect Your Provider Attire Policies
Check in on your formal rules about practice-appropriate clothing. What your staff wears ... Read more
Reader Question:
Patient Abandonment is Real —  and Avoidable
Question:  While perusing a new malpractice policy, I saw “patient abandonment” a... Read more
Reader Question:
Accept Medicare? Beware Adjustments to LCD
Question: Are my region's local coverage determinations (LCDs) affected by the October 201... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Jeopardize HIPAA, Take Higher Ground
Question: I noticed that a practice recently received a sizable fine for turning away a pa... Read more