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Podiatry Coding & Billing Alert

7 Tips Will Upgrade Clinician Documentation and Improve Your Claim Success
Here's why your legibility matters. Because of the nature of ICD-10-CM's injury and muscu... Read more
Shed Light on These Podiatry Documentation Hot Spots
The nature of podiatry procedures places increased importance on documentation compared ... Read more
Untangle These Modifiers for Post-Operation Complication Coding Success
Modifiers hold the key to payment within procedures' global periods. Many podiatry proced... Read more
Use This Cheat Sheet To Perfect Your Global Day Period Modifiers
Tack this chart up by your desk for easy reference. ... Read more
CMS to Remove Social Security Numbers from Medicare Cards
A Medicare Beneficiary Identifier will replace SSNs by 2019. Practice administrators wear... Read more
Reader Question:
Same Diagnosis But Different Toe? Do This
Question: A patient presents for a follow-up of an ingrown toenail. The physician f... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Sure Your MD's Writing Is Legible
Question: I have heard payers are cracking down on illegible provider documentation... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Hammer Out This Hammertoe Correction Scenario
Question: Is it appropriate to report a hammertoe correction (28285) along with a c... Read more
CPT® 2017:
CPT® Gets New Codes for Bunions in 2017
MPFS to Reduce Bunionectomy Payments The new CPT® codes for 2017 are out, and ther... Read more
Your Guide to 7th Characters in ICD-10
Coding for the episode of care is about active treatment ICD-10 affords podiatry coder... Read more
Fracture Coding Clip-n'-Save: Episodes of Care
Assigning episode-of-care seventh characters for traumatic fractures is a bit more complic... Read more
7 Tips for Billing Statements that Get you Paid
Make billing statements easier to understand and increase collections. Times are chang... Read more
How-To: Get Credit Cards on File
This system helps you reduce days in A/R. As patients shoulder more of their healthcar... Read more
More about MACRA:
Get the Most from MIPS
MACRA Is replacing the Sustainable Growth rate formula that was used for years to update M... Read more
Physician Notes:
New, Free Resource for Negotiating EHR Contracts
If you're planning on signing a new contract (or renewing an old contract) with an EHR ven... Read more
Reader Question:
Accounting for multiple osteophytes
Question: What is the appropriate code to report corrective surgery involving the r... Read more
Reader Question:
Coding for multiple procedures in the same surgery
Question: Is it appropriate to report a hammertoe correction (28285) along with a c... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code episode of care from the patient's perspective
Question: Can a coder refer to a previous encounter to determine whether this is the ... Read more
Your ICD-10 Honeymoon Is Over
Take Heart: You’re Getting Brand New Codes for Bunion & Bunionette in 2017 T... Read more
Proposed Rule Overhauls "Misvalued" 0-Day Global Services
CMS takes aim at modifier 25. If you’re accustomed to collecting for both an E/M... Read more
Calibrate Your Collection Tactics for High-Deductible Plans
Heads up: Out-of-pocket revenue is a greater share of your practice revenue than ever be... Read more
Revenue Cycle Management:
Quick-Start Guide to MACRA for Podiatrists
In early September, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) — under... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Use of ICD-10's Specificity
Question: The doctor’s note says that ‘patient presents with pain in th... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Medical Necessity, Calendar for ED Observation Services that Transcend Midnight
Question: How do you find the correct CPT® code for sinus tarsi injection? An... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Establish a Metric to Measure A/R
Question: I hear some practice managers talk about “days in A/R.” What ... Read more
Case Study:
Factor in These New Diagnosis Additions to Your FBR Claims
Wound care or FBR? Choose wisely. A patient had a wood splinter lodged in the foot whi... Read more
2017 MPFS:
Get the Lowdown On Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposals
Estimated impact of podiatry payments is flat for 2017. The Centers for Medicare &... Read more
Portable X-Ray Claims:
Sidestep Audits by Avoiding Overpayments
Tip: Have appropriate compliance measures in place. Mobile healthcare services go a lo... Read more
Reader Question:
If Documentation Doesn't Specify Open Wound, Assume Closed Wound
Question: What is the difference between an open and closed wound, and does open wo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Catch These Blister, Ulcer Coding Scenarios
Question: A patient presented with a foot wound which has turned ulcerous. The pati... Read more
Deep Tissue Injury:
Coding Injuries of the Heel Shouldn't Have You Hobbling
Location and cause of injury hold the key. Before you begin to code an encounter where... Read more
Improper Payments:
Utilize Comparative Billing Report to Identify Where You Stand
If you code nail debridement with an E/M, you could be headed for trouble street. You ... Read more
Error Rate:
Dubious Nail Debridement Claims Put Other Podiatry Services Under Scanner
First quarter results highlight the need for more comprehensive documentation. Recent... Read more
Reader Question:
Note the Difference Between Callus and Corns
Question: We are finding it difficult to pinpoint the correct diagnosis codes due t... Read more
Reader Question:
Know When to Append Modifier to Repeat I&D Procedure
Question: A patient reported back to our physician for a wound check following drai... Read more
Reader Question:
Amend Inaccurate or Incomplete Information, If Need Be
Question: We learned that whenever a patient desires to see her electronic health r... Read more
Reader Question:
Weight and Vital Signs Won't Cut It
Question: Our nurses circle 99211 for all labs and most injections. They believe th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Bullets Not Enough; MDM Complexity and Medical Necessity Critical Too
Question: I have a question or rather a verification on E/M coding. When coding 99214... Read more
Get Specific Using Your Numerous Gout Coding Options
Here’s what should be your primary diagnosis — and it isn’t gout. Wh... Read more
Other Coding Options Depend On Underlying Cause
Before you code for gout, take note whether your podiatrist has documented gouty arthrop... Read more
Identify When You Can -- And When You Can't -- Hire Locum Tenens
Tip: LTs are not contractual employees. If your podiatrist needs to be away for an ext... Read more
Patient Satisfaction:
Get Feedback to Improve Quality of Care
Don’t neglect MACRA requirements which places quality above quantity for patient car... Read more
Reader Question:
Scores of New Codes to Debut Come October
Question: Our practice is buzzing with news that there will be a further expansion ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Mention Depth When Coding Open Wounds
Question: A patient presented with pain in the heel, bleeding, tenderness, stiffnes... Read more
Foot Tumor:
Radical Resection, Shaved, Debrided or Excised? Depth Holds the Key
Understand the difference between lesion and tumor before you code. Was that a foot tu... Read more
Put Patients First, Focus on Quality and Affordable Healthcare, Says HHS
Framework of new payment system announced. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Servic... Read more
HIPAA Audits:
Survive Phase 2 with Appropriate Risk Assessment
Tip: It's never too late to tighten up privacy practices. The HHS Office for Civil Rights... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose from Three Specific Diagnoses to Reflect Flat Foot
Question: How do we report the encounter when a patient presents with orthotics req... Read more
Reader Question:
Is Coding for Ankle Pains Leaving You Limping?
Question: A patient presents with pain in the ankle and is treated accordingly. How... Read more
You Be the Coder:
You Could Be Leaving Dollars On the Table
Question: Can we report a toenail trim which our podiatrist performed when a patien... Read more
Digital Nerve Procedures:
4 Tips Help You Pick Your Plantar Digital Nerve Codes Successfully Every Time
You should report 64455, 64632 once — except in this situation. Choosing the cor... Read more
CPT® Coding Strategies:
Don't Let Toenail Trim Hit Your Pocket
Tip: Complete detailed description of the procedure being performed is required. Full ... Read more
Get Insurance Info, Then See Patient
Tip: Try checking on the payer’s website with patient id. Unpaid medical service... Read more
Patient Privacy:
Your Paper Records Still Present a Serious Security Weak Spot
Most breaches involve unauthorized access. Despite all the focus on cyber security and... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch Global Period for Repeat Abscess Drainage
Question: A patient reported back to our physician for a wound check following draina... Read more
Reader Question:
Planning on Reporting Digital Block with Excision? Think Again
Question: Our podiatrist performed a toenail excision and nail bed repair with a di... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand the Need for Skin Grafts
Question: Why would my patient need a skin graft?  Answer: The skin is ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Match Excision Code to Tumor Size
Question: Our podiatrist recently excised a soft tissue mass from the foot of a pat... Read more
Therapeutic Shoes:
Get Paid for Preventing Serious Complications
Tip: The right shoe is crucial for averting amputations. You are in a double bind if ... Read more
You Stand to Lose $70 Unless You Report Modifier 59 Appropriately
Tip: Depth of the debridement area holds the key to reimbursement. If you find coding ... Read more
E/M Coding:
Self-Audit Before Your Coding Issues Become Full-on Crises
Identify potential revenue losses, refunds, and denials. You could be playing with fir... Read more
Electronic Health Records:
Providing Your Patient a Copy of the PHI Need Not Hurt Your Bottom Line
How much can you charge? The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) allows practic... Read more
Reader Question:
Multiple Code Options for Ankle Wounds
Question: My podiatrist often sees patients with open wounds of the ankle. How do I... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Remember to Get an ABN Signed First
Question: My provider administers PRP injections. Is there a code for that? How do ... Read more
Routine Care:
3 Q&As; Spare Your Foot Care Claims From Stumbling Into Limbo
Hint: Correct diagnostic codes are the key to claim acceptance. You know that Medicare... Read more
CCI Update:
Watch Out For These New Edits for Tissue Transfers Changes
Be careful while reporting procedures performed with adjacent tissue transfers. If you... Read more
ICD-10 Spotlight:
Stay Cool With These ''Burn'' Coding Guidelines
Remember: The coding is incomplete without listing the external cause that caused the bu... Read more
Readers Question:
Explore the Cause for Foot Bruises to Code Correctly
Question: Our podiatrist frequently sees sportspersons in our office. Recently he m... Read more
Reader Question:
Assessment of Nails Prior to Debridement Won't Cut as Separate E/M
Question: Our podiatrist recently saw a Medicare patient for debridement of nails. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Site and Complication Level Decide Codes for Abscess Drainage
Question: Our podiatrist recently performed incision and drainage of a right foot a... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Check MDM and Patient's Status for Billing E/M Visit
Question: My podiatrist’s notes indicate an expanded problem focused history, a... Read more
Wart Removal:
3 Steps Lead You to the Right Reimbursement for Wart Removal
Check documentation for exact wart type, location, and size to avoid underbilling. Alt... Read more
NGS News:
Take Matters to Your MAC In Case of Denials for Routine Foot Care and Nail Debridement
Incorrect transition of payable diagnosis codes has compounded the problem. You are no... Read more
E/M Errors:
Take Corrective Action Fast to Reduce Possibly Inflated E/M Claims that CERT has Flagged
Even NPP claims are equal culprits. Audit studies have always found evaluation and ma... Read more
Electronic Health Record:
3 Tips Help You Make Your EHR System Work For You Instead of the Opposite
More physicians dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their EHR system, says study. I... Read more
Reader Question:
Accurate Lesion Measurement Saves You More Than $70
Question: Our podiatrist documented a recent malignant lesion excision by noting th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Initial Symptomatic E/M Will Pay With 10061
Question: Our physician reviewed a 56-year-old male patient with complaints of pain... Read more
Plasma Therapy:
Perfect Your PRP Injection Coding Skills With These Points
If the PRP was part of a larger surgical/repair procedure, you should do this. Incr... Read more
ICD-10 Training:
Specify Laterality to Arrive Quickly to the Correct Open Foot Wound Codes
Wounds of muscles and tendons have their own series. The next time you code an open fo... Read more
Modifier Mix:
Answer These 3 Questions to Master E/M Modifiers 24, 25, 57
Wrong choice of modifier can put you back by $100. If your physician provides an E/M s... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Overwhelming Response Drives Away ICD-10 Transition Blues
Participants report the apprehension was all smoke and no fire. In spite of the huge b... Read more
Reader's Query:
Ignore Lesion Margins and Lose Precious Dollars for Excision
Question: Our office received a pathology report back that reads: “The largest seg... Read more
Reader's Query:
Count Toenail and Not Sides as Measuring Unit for Billing Wedge Excision
Question: Our podiatrist recently performed removal of the inflamed tissue adjacent to t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Ask for Advance Payment for Surgical Deductibles to Save Precious Dollars
Question: We often have patients who don’t pay their deductible after surgery. Is ... Read more