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Podiatry Coding & Billing Alert

ICD-10 Coding:
4 Cardinal Rules Get You Max Payment for Corn and Callus Coding
Ensuring medical necessity will assure last mile success in getting your physician paid.... Read more
Reimbursement News:
Factor in These Billing and Policy Updates to Maintain a Healthy Bottom Line
Don’t expect all CMS proposed changes to be implemented. Although your practice ... Read more
Billing Corner:
Confirm 'Established Plan of Care' to Avoid Rejection of NPP Services Billing
Definition of new condition is crucial to distinguish incident-to services. If your pract... Read more
Readers Question:
Spot the Symptoms Before Coding PTTD and Plantar Fasciitis
Question: In our office we see a lot of cases of PTTD and plantar fasciitis. What are th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code Follow-Up Visits According to Service Performed
Question: Our patient had an abscess on her leg that was treated several days ago. Today, ... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
Find Frequently Used Codes Faster by Defining These Anatomical Podiatry Terms
ICD-10 has simplified reporting for bunions and hallux valgus. Don’t let anatomi... Read more
Payer Rules:
Get ABNs to Avoid Later Blushes on Rejection of Uncovered Services
ABN protocols may even benefit your patient relations. While you may face resistance from... Read more
ICD-10 Implementation:
Continued Training is the New Watchword After ICD-10 Adoption
Incorporating coders’ inputs is crucial in the expanded diagnosis scenarios. Alt... Read more
Medicare Compliance:
Curb Incorrect E/M Coding Cases to Stay Clear of CMS Scrutiny
Medicare finds Part B error rate worsening year-on-year. Despite the renewed interest ... Read more
Readers Question:
Check Incision Before Reporting Foot FBR
Question: Our podiatrist recently saw a patient who came limping with pain in the c... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Use Foot Fracture Modifiers With Care
Question: A 14-year-old patient visited our clinic with an injured second toe of th... Read more
Excision Procedure:
Lead Yourself to Successful Lesion Removal Claims With These Tips
Hint: Pay extra attention to size and location for coding accuracy. If your payer cons... Read more
CPT® 2016:
Get Ready to Welcome New and Revised Prolonged Services Codes Next Year
Revised codes can be added on to any service level, not just the highest. Change has ... Read more
Fracture Coding:
Prepare for Accurate Pathologic/Traumatic Fracture Code Diagnoses With These 2 Case Scenarios
Hint: Go for default codes for displaced or closed fracture in absence of notes. If yo... Read more
ICD-10 Implementation:
Don't Expect Smooth Transition on Workers' Comp Claims
Prepare for hard work as ICD-10 switch is not countrywide. ICD-10 is finally on since... Read more
Reader Question:
Distinguish Between Excision and Osteotomy to Avoid Later Rejection
Question: Please help with the diagnosis and procedural coding for the procedure me... Read more
Reader Question:
Global Period is Crucial for Repeat Drainage of Abscess
Question: A patient reported back to our physician for a wound check following drai... Read more
Reader Question:
Report an Established Patient Only After a Face-to-Face Encounter
Question: Our podiatry practice performed a skin test on a patient who was referred t... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Follow Initial Visit Guidelines for Shoring Up Your Documentation
Question: We often get patients with painful foot/ankle subluxation and sprains. Do... Read more
Wound Care:
Correctly Distinguish Wound Closure Levels Every Time With This Advice
Follow our tips to spot documentation showing the differences between simple and complex... Read more
Consultation Corner:
These Tips Clear Your Consultation Coding Confusion
Caution: Confirm with your payer before billing as it may not follow Medicare rules. M... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Green Flags All Systems for Impending ICD-10 Launch
Acknowledgement testing still on until Oct. 1. After halts and stalls in recent years,... Read more
Readers Question:
Follow Medicare Rules Closely for Worker's Comp Consultation
Question: We are billing a consultation and treating physician’s progress rep... Read more
Readers Question:
Consider Timing, Location, Intent for Skin Biopsy
Question: Our physician routinely performs biopsies along with other procedures. Ho... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Use Appropriate Policy to Justify Modifier 59 Usage
Question: I have a Medicare patient that keeps coming back to see the doctor for trea... Read more
Coding Corner:
Ensure Painless Reporting of Hammertoe, Tenotomy Together With This Guide
Choosing the right combo of modifiers is as crucial as the right code. Hammertoe surge... Read more
Back Up Your Level of E/M Services With Medical Necessity
Key: MDM and medical necessity are not the same. If you are reporting high level E/M c... Read more
ICD-10 News:
CMS Releases ICD-10 Clarifications for a Smoother Transition
Even getting the “family of codes” right will be enough. The Centers for M... Read more
Readers Question:
Keep This Q Modifier Guide Handy for Routine Care Cases
Question: We have a new podiatrist on board and he performs corn removal and nail d... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Choose Modifiers Wisely to Get Paid for Debridement
Question: An established patient came in for a visit and had debridement done on hi... Read more
Incision and Drainage:
Diligent Documentation of Complicated I&D is Worth $90
Make use of available opportunities to report an additional E/M. When your clinician p... Read more
Modifiers Mashup:
Maximize Reimbursement for Modifiers 58 and 78 With These 3 Pointers
Rely on the medical record to sift between staging and unexpected complication. Do you kn... Read more
Compliance Alert:
Provide Proper POS Line Items to Avoid MAC Ire
CMS looks at over $33 million overpayment due to place of service errors. The OIG's 2015 ... Read more
Readers Questions:
Don't Go Hunting for Modifier 55 for Every Suture Removal
Question: An established patient visited a podiatrist in another state because of a l... Read more
Readers Questions:
Resort to Modifier 59 for Justified Unbundling of Foot Procedures
Question: Our podiatrist's op report states that he performed a bunion correction on ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Decide Between Relief and Destruction to Report Treatment of Morton's Neuroma
Question: A patient visited our podiatrist with a complaint of sharp burning pain i... Read more
Surgery Coding:
Clean Up Your Neuroplasty Reimbursement By Correcting These 5 Mistakes
Hint: Make sure your primary diagnosis matches the procedure codes. You may be an expe... Read more
Billing Corner:
Snare Full Payment for SNF Treatments With These 4 Tips
Listing the correct POS for consolidated billing will prevent future denials. You perf... Read more
Reader Questions:
Go to Modifier 58 for Planned Fracture Repair
Question: A patient visited our podiatry office with a swollen ankle and extreme pain... Read more
Reader Questions:
Look Closely Before Billing for Inserts and Casting
Question: We bill to Medicare for our podiatry services. Our podiatrist has to attend fr... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clear Your Bilateral Procedure Confusions With This Advice
Question: Our podiatrist recently removed lesions on both feet of a patient. Should w... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Verify Exact OASIS® Matrix Product Used Before Billing Supply Code
Question: Our podiatrist documented an 8.5 cm excision (56.75 sq. cm), and but a 40... Read more
Procedure Coding:
Obtain Max Payment for Os Trigonum Repair With These Tips
Support repair code with other bone conditions for maximum benefit. Your practice may ... Read more
Modifiers Update:
Make you Modifier Decisions Easy With These X{EPSU} Examples
The road for making modifier 59 a modifier of last resort becomes clearer. You may hav... Read more
E/M Components:
Choose Wisely Between 99213, 99214 to Collect Deserved Cash
Go through documentation with a keen eye to decide the levels of outpatient visit. Eve... Read more
Readers Questions:
28285 is the Port of Call for Arthrodesis of the Foot
Question: Our physician recently performed “Arthroplasty/arthodesis of the se... Read more
Readers Questions:
Check Modifier Eligibility Before Reporting Assistant Surgeon
Question: Our podiatrist recently stood in as an assistant physician for a severely woun... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Satisfy Supervision Requirements for Fluoroscopy Reporting
Question: We have a podiatrist that visits patients in a nursing home. Can we bill ... Read more
Ligament Repair:
Lessen Your Ligament Repair Worries With This Definitive Guide
Keep watertight documentation at hand before reporting secondary repairs.  You ar... Read more
Compliance Update:
Mind Those CERT Errors to Avoid a Dent in Your Claims
Your payer may require a refund in extreme cases. The results of the Centers for Medic... Read more
Quality Check:
Prepare Yourself for Further Payment Reforms
Pay close attention or you will be staring at a 6 percent deficit. You have been reeli... Read more
Readers Questions:
Aware of Bundles Before Coding Bunionectomy and Mallet Toe Correction
Question: A patient came into the office with a “rigid mallet toe” in r... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Category III Codes Will Rescue You in ESWT Reporting
Question: Our podiatry office encountered a patient recently and the notes said tha... Read more
Graft Coding:
Secure Your Skin Repair Reimbursement With These Tips
Learn which common podiatry products line up with new skin graft codes Other than the ... Read more
Understand the Need for Skin Grafts.
The skin is a vital organ with several major functions and any open wound may lead to th... Read more
Medicare Alert:
Mind Your Modifiers for Medicare Coding Success
Sharpen your skills by clearing the confusion surrounding 57 and 25 reporting. Althoug... Read more
Nail Care:
Drive Away All Routine Care Reporting Demons With This Surefire Guide
Pinpoint the correct diagnosis codes to get out of ambiguous situations. You are walki... Read more
Readers Query:
Category III Codes Will Rescue You in ESWT Reporting
Question: Our podiatry office encountered a patient recently and the notes said tha... Read more
Reader Query:
Correct Order of Dx Codes is Important for Diabetic Foot Conditions
Question: I am coding for a patient who is diabetic w/ osteomyelitis w/ chronic ulc... Read more
Reader Query:
Decide Between Consult and Primary Care for Inpatient E/M Coding
Question: Our podiatrist was called in to evaluate and treat the patient that is in... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Check Op Notes in Lisfranc Fractures Before Billing 28606
Question: Our podiatrist saw a patient. His MRI stated that no actual fracture of t... Read more
Lesion Excision:
Dig Into Details to Decipher Lesion and Tumor Codes
You need to distinguish between subcutaneous vs. subfascial cuts. If you’re not ... Read more
E/M Errors:
Beware These Top Pitfalls of E/M Coding
Be on a sharp lookout for common documentation errors to ensure coding success. Even t... Read more
Billing Compliance:
7-Point Plan Helps You Gear Up For Ethical Reporting of Services
OIG offers roadmap for preparing a compliance plan. Your practice can longer afford to... Read more
Reader Question:
Pinpoint the Correct Side in Foot Arthrodesis + Graft Procedure to Avoid Rejection
Question: I am billing for an outpatient surgical procedure for the right foot. The... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Billing 2028F With G0245 for Initial Visit Won't Pay
Question: My podiatrist sees a lot of patients with diabetes mellitus. Would it be ap... Read more
Neuroma Treatment:
4 Simple Steps will Remove Your Fear of Using Plantar Digital Nerve Codes
Look for strength of alcohol injection to code 64455 or 64632. When your podiatrist pe... Read more
E/M Coding:
Resolve Your Medical Decision Making Conundrums With This Key Advice
The initial visit of an established beneficiary in a single specialty group practice set... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Prepare to Work Harder to Report Gout diagnosis
You will have to report additional codes to justify the cause of gout and its bilaterali... Read more
Familiarize YourselfWith These Gout Facts
Gout is a rheumatic disease caused by deposition of uric acid crystals in tissues and fl... Read more
Readers Question:
Differentiate Between Nail Clipping and Nail Biopsy
Question: My doc saw a patient and did a clipping of the nail and sent to it to pat... Read more
Readers Question:
Choose the Right Q Modifier While Coding Excluded Procedures
Question: Our podiatrist attended to a new Medicare diabetic patient in the office ... Read more
Reader Question:
Demonstrate Distinct Multiple Procedures to Unbundle CCI Edits
Question: Our podiatrist visited an established patient at a nursing home but noted... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Look Beyond 28285 for Hammertoe Correction
Question: Our physician performed a partial phalangectomy on right fifth toe with a... Read more