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Podiatry Coding & Billing Alert

5 Handy Tips Solidify Your Casting and Strapping Claims
Make sure you know when to report casting and strapping codes versus fracture/dislocation... Read more
Don’t Strike Out When Reporting Common Foot Dx for Athletes
Code M72.2 not blanket code that covers any condition associated with the plantar fascia. ... Read more
Don’t Forget to Check the Errata List from AMA
Get ready to mark your coding manual with changes. Although the 2020 CPT® updates just... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Differentiate Between 64455 and 64632 With Ease
Question: The patient, a professional soccer player, has been experiencing tingling and bu... Read more
Reader Question:
Always Check for Included Conditions With ICD-10 Codes
Question: My podiatrist documented a diagnosis of congenital poikiloderma. I am not sure w... Read more
Reader Question:
Know 5 Levels of Medicare Appeals Process
Question: I submitted a claim to my Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for a part B ... Read more
Reader Question:
Report These Codes for Stage 1 Pressure Ulcer Debridement
Question: My podiatrist performed debridement of a stage 1 pressure ulcer in the patient's... Read more
Master Simple and Complicated Abscess I&D for Clean Claims
Remember: To report 10060, the abscess must be simple or single. When your podiatrist per... Read more
E/M 2021:
Prep Now for Upcoming 2021 E/M Office Code Revisions
CPT® 2021 will delete 99201. Starting on Jan. 1, 2021, you will see major changes to the... Read more
FAQs Boost Your Plantar Fasciitis Coding to the Next Level
Code M72.2 is not a blanket code that covers any condition associated with the plantar fas... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Understand Tarsal Bone Anatomy to Choose Appropriate Code
Question: Which CPT® code would I use if the podiatrist performed a navicular bone repair... Read more
Reader Question:
Explore New 2020 Dry Needling Codes
Question: Can you tell me more about the new dry needling codes for CPT® 2020? Florida S... Read more
Reader Question:
Tackle Sesamoid Fracture Scenario
Question: The podiatrist performed closed treatment of a sesamoid bone fracture in the pat... Read more
Reader Question:
Discover Correct Code for Single Nail Plate Avulsion
Question: The podiatrist removed part of a single nail plate using simple avulsion techniq... Read more
Reader Question:
Master This Secondary Achilles Tendon Repair
Question: The podiatrist performed a repair of the patient's Achilles tendon for the secon... Read more
CERT 2019 Report Discovers 13.6 Percent Improper Payment Rate for Podiatry
Pay close attention to your documentation.   As you are busy submitting multipl... Read more
Case Study:
Take 3 Steps to Solve This Compression Fracture Puzzle
Remember: Don't forget to report the x-ray code on your claim. You will most likely have ... Read more
Handy Tips Solidify Your Modifier 78 Skills
Coders can expect reduced payment for any modifier 78 claims. Sometimes your podiatrist m... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Documentation Carefully for Part of Foot Amputated
Question: I'm new to podiatry coding, and I'm trying to understand the difference between ... Read more
Reader Question:
Special Symbol Identifies Add-On Codes
Question: I noticed that some evaluation and management (E/M) codes have a plus symbol (+)... Read more
Reader Question:
Differentiate Between Displaced and Non-Displaced Fractures
Question: What's the difference in a displaced and a non-displaced fracture? Alabama Subs... Read more
Reader Question:
Know How HIPAA Factors Into Disaster Plan
Question: We were going over our disaster preparedness plan in the office, and a few quest... Read more
Reader Question:
Pick Correct Ostectomy Choice
Question: The podiatrist removed the bone of the second metatarsal head because the head h... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Puzzle Out This Ankle Fracture Scenario
Question: A new patient came into the office after rolling his left ankle by stepping... Read more
HCPCS Level II 2020:
2020 HCPCS Level II Code Set Introduces Shiny New Knee Ankle Foot Device Code
Hint: Don't miss the risk-adjusted functional status change residual score deletion in 202... Read more
Case Study:
Solve This Bunionectomy Scenario to Perfect Your ICD-10 and CPT® Reporting Smarts
Use the scenario details to arrive at an answer. The odds are high that you will code cla... Read more
Follow Handy Tips to Solve Your Medicare Signature Problems
Hint: You must heed certain guidelines for electronic signatures. Understanding Medicare'... Read more
Reader Question:
Observe Certifying Physician’s Role
Question: When it comes to diabetic shoe claims, can the certifying physician be any kind ... Read more
Reader Question:
Master External Cause Codes
Question: I'm new to coding, and I was looking through the external cause codes in the ICD... Read more
Reader Question:
Rely On This Code For Calcaneal Spur Excision
Question: My podiatrist excised a calcaneal spur, with plantar fascial release. Which CPT... Read more
Reader Question:
Sharpen Ankle Fracture Coding Skills
Question: A new patient came into the podiatrist's office with a badly injured right ankle... Read more
Reader Question:
Podiatrist Performs Osteotomy of Second Metatarsal? Do This
Question: The podiatrist performed an osteotomy of the second metatarsal. He needed to len... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Clear Up Foot FBR Dilemma
Question: My podiatrist's notes indicate that a new patient with an injured foot had a for... Read more