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Eli's Rehab Report


Translation Tool: Transfers

Your Guide to the Difference Between MDS-Speak & Therapy Speak

When MDS describes transfers, it uses the following language, observed Renee Kinder, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, Clinical Specialist at Evergreen Rehabilitation in Louisville, KY:

How resident moves between surfaces including to or from: bed, chair, wheelchair, standing position (excludes to/from bath/toilet).

In contrast, a therapist’s terms in the medical record are much more specific:

Sit to Stand
Stand Pivot
Mat Transfer
Bed Transfer
Wheelchair Transfer
Car Transfer
Need for AD during Transfer

Understanding the differences between how the MDS screening tool briefly describes transfers and the more detailed language that therapists use can help interdisciplinary teams secure reimbursement for medically necessary therapy in SNFs, Kinder observed during her recent AudioEducator audioconference.