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Eli's Rehab Report


Translation Tool: MDS Section K & Swallow Phase

Your Handy Guide to How MDS-Speak Corresponds to Therapy-Speak

When it comes to eating, drinking, and swallowing medications, MDS coordinators and therapists at skilled nursing facilities speak a completely different language, said Renee Kinder, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, Clinical Specialist at Evergreen Rehabilitation in Louisville, KY.

Check out Kinder’s chart to help your MDS coordinators and therapists communicate better to get your residents the therapy they need and the reimbursement your facility deserves.

MDS K0100A, loss of liquids/solids from mouth when eating or drinking

Therapy terms: Oral Prep (weak lips) or Oral Phase (weak tongue)

MDS K0100B, holding food in mouth/cheeks or residual food in mouth after meals

Therapy terms: Oral Prep (weak lip seal) or Oral Phase (decreased tongue ROM)

MDS K0100C, coughing or choking during meals or when swallowing medications

Therapy terms: Oral Phase (base of tongue) or Pharyngeal Phase

MDS K1000D, complaints of difficulty or pain with swallowing

Therapy terms: Pharyngeal Phase or Esophageal Phase (pain).