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Pediatric Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Take Note of Updated ADD Diagnosis Code Options

Question: I have just learned that ICD-9 V40.3 (Other behavioral problems) was deleted as of Oct. 1. Can you advise me which is the appropriate code to use for behavioral problems?Delaware SubscriberAnswer: As of Oct. 1, main code V40.3 requires a fifth digit. The options under V40.3 are now as follows:V40.31 - Wandering in diseases classified elsewhere (Code first underlying disorder such as Alzheimer's, dementia, autism or pervasive developmental disorder, [299.0-299.9], intellectual disabilities [317-319])V40.39 - Other specified behavioral problemMost behavioral problems that the pediatrician sees which cannot be classified using a more specific ICD-9 code will fall under V40.39.Tip: When physicians see children with other diagnoses such as autism who have wandering issues, adding V40.31 will help support higher levels of E/M coding related to the physician work involved.

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