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Stick With Status Quo for Rocephin Shots

Question: Has the code for Rocephin (ceftriaxone 500 mg) changed in 2007? Should I still use J0696 for 250 mg and 90772?

California Subscriber

Answer: Yes. The HCPCS code for Rocephin (J0696, Injection, ceftriaxone sodium, per 250 mg) and the CPT code for a therapeutic injection (90772, Therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic injection [specify substance or drug]; subcutaneous or intramuscular ...) have remained the same this year.

Watch out: You are correct that J0696 is for 250 mg. If you give 500 mg of Rocephin, you should bill two units of J0696 (J0696 x 2 units) and 90772.

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