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Pediatric Coding Alert

Electronic Health Records:

Don't Buy Into These 3 Common EHR Fallacies

Protect your pediatric pay by avoiding these mistakes involving electronic health records. Many pediatric practices have found electronic health records (EHRs) to be a great way to save time and ensure that documentation is thorough and neat, but these helpful devices can also mislead you into creating documentation you don't need--and in some cases, can cause you to not document items required to support your code choices. Consider these three EHR myths, all of which are based on questions submitted to Pediatric Coding Alert, to show you exactly where your EHR system could be leading you astray. Myth 1: Exam Documentation Will Carry Over for Follow-Up Visits If your EHR is producing documentation that is robust in one section (such as History) and thin in another (such as Exam), you may be trusting the device to do too much. A subscriber recently told Pediatric Coding Alert that an auditor downcoded most [...]