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Pediatric Coding Alert

Ear Coding Essentials:

3 Expert Tips Help You Code Ear Diagnoses With Ease

From otitis media to cerumen removal, we've got the answers to your ear coding questions It's that time of year again -- when patients' head colds are leading to a variety of ear conditions. Look to our expert advice to ensure you're coding correctly for all of the earassociated diagnoses. 1. Verify Documentation for E/M With 69210 Cerumen removal can present several coding challenges for your practice, particularly if the physician performs the service as a gateway to visualize the ear. Knowing when you can report 69210 (Removal impacted cerumen [separate procedure], 1 or both ears) is key to collecting for this service. Example: Suppose a patient presents with ear pain, but the physician has to remove impacted cerumen before he can visualize the tympanic membrane. He subsequently diagnoses an ear infection. Your practice wants to bill an office visit and modifier along with 69210 -- is that acceptable? Key: "Whether to [...]

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