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Pediatric Coding Alert

Diagnosis Coding:

Use E Codes to Establish Medical Necessity, Fully Document Accidents and Injuries

Tip: Never list E codes as primary diagnoses. Accidents do happen--and when it comes to treating pediatric patients, they happen frequently. Round out your diagnosis coding for accidental injuries by adding 'E codes' to your ICD-9 roster, and you can speed up your claims processing. When reporting accidental injuries, poisonings and late affects of injuries, you should remember to use the supplemental E codes listed in ICD-9-CM, when appropriate, to fully document the medical justification for the visit. E codes are not required, and are never listed as the primary diagnosis, because they only identify the circumstances of an accidental injury. However, you may use the E code, and often more than one E code, to fully describe circumstances or establish medical necessity. Example: A child falls from a playground jungle gym and presents to the office complaining of pain in her lower left arm. You evaluate the child and [...]