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Part B Insider (Multispecialty) Coding Alert

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Suffering From The E/M Billing Blues? Find A Solution Fast

Determine whether you need to hone your E/M coding skills with this quiz.Evaluation and management services represent a large portion of most practices' reimbursement these days. So if your E/M coding knowledge isn't up to par, your practice could be missing out on major reimbursement or risking compliance issues.Find out if you're properly billing the E/M services your physicians perform with these three quick quiz questions. Question 1: The physician puts an asthma patient on steroids and changes his inhaler settings after an exacerbation. The patient returns the next week for a scheduled follow-up. The provider asks the patient if he is having any breathing trouble since his medication change. What review of systems (ROS) level does this represent?A. Problem-pertinent ROSB. Extended ROSC. Complete ROSD. None of the above.Answer 1: A. This is an example of a review of systems (ROS) that is problem-pertinent. The physician performs this ROS when [...]

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Part B Insider (Multispecialty) Coding Alert

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