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Nail Down Strapping Reimbursement With 3 Quick Tips

In many cases, you can bill an E/M code along with strapping. Strapping might seem like a simple treatment, but there are more details to coding than you might realize -- and missing key items means your bottom line takes a hit with every claim. Review these top rules when coding for injuries that require strapping, so you can be confident of reporting the correct code each time. Step 1: Understand Unna Boot, Buddy Tape Definitions Payers generally define strapping as the application of adhesive tape, one layer overlapping the other, to support and/or restrict movement of ligament structures by exerting pressure upon the extremity or other area of the body. Strapping requires specialized skill and knowledge of the anatomical structures as well as application technique, says Betty Ann Price BSN, RN, President and CEO of PRCS, Inc. in Palmetto Florida. Example 1: Unna boot application is one method of strapping [...]