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Get a Leg Up on CMS's New HIPAA 5010 Form

Yes, physicians are affected by the new form -- but so are billers and claims clearinghouses. CMS wants you to clear one big hurdle before you can even consider submitting ICD-10 codes: You'll need to get used to the HIPAA 5010 form before Jan. 1, 2012. During a June 9 CMS open door forum, CMS officials outlined the important features of the new HIPAA 5010 form. Version 5010 is an improvement over the current 4010 form "because it brings many things to the table, including structural and content oriented changes," noted Kyle Miller, health insurance specialist from CMS's office of e-health standards and services, during the call. "In addition, version 5010 will address shortcomings from version 4010." You'll have to start using version 5010 on Jan. 1, 2012, but CMS expects Medicare carriers to begin transitioning to the 5010 form in 2011. That way, you should be able to start submitting early [...]