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Check Out How You Fared in Our Lesion Coding Quiz

Determine whether you've got top-notch lesion coding skills -- or whether you need a refresher. Last week we tested your lesion coding savvy -- now compare your answers with these from our experts. Doctor Takes Narrow Margins Question 1: Your surgeon performed a benign lesion removal, without taking wide margins because he expects it to be benign. However, the pathology comes back as a malignant lesion. The surgeon then has to go back and perform an additional excision within the global period of the first procedure. How should you code the first service and the subsequent service to your payer? Answer 1: "Since it was unknown whether the lesion was malignant or not when the first procedure was performed, you would code that procedure out of the 114xx section, (Excision, benign lesion)," says Andrea M. Noward, billing coordinator in the department of surgery at the University of Toledo. "Since the pathology report [...]