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Part B Insider (Multispecialty) Coding Alert

ICD-10 Crosswalks:

Never Fear--New Diagnosis Crosswalks Are Here

You'll benefit from the new code set, which includes 2011 diagnoses. In its attempt to make the upcoming ICD-10 conversion a bit easier, CMS has posted new diagnosis coding crosswalks on its Web site. Formerly referred to as the GEMs (General Equivalent Mappings), the crosswalks allow you to look up your current ICD-9 code and determine which code set you'll use instead when ICD-10 debuts. CMS is quick to point out that the crosswalk does not contain exact translations. Instead, the files \"attempt to organize those differences in a meaningful way, by linking a code to all valid alternatives in the other code set from which choices can be made, depending on the use to which the code is put,\" the agency's Crosswalk User's Guide says. For instance: All of the codes currently in the 010.90-010.96 range (Primary tuberculosis infection...) will translate into the singular code A15.7 (Primary respiratory tuberculosis) [...]