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Eye Coding Primer:

Know These 3 Quick FAQs to Envision Eye Procedure Payment

Hint: Foreign body removal may be best reported with an E/M code, depending on the circumstances. If you've ever coded a chart for an eye procedure before, you know that these services can be a challenge--not only do you have to determine whether to use a standard E/M code versus an ophthalmic exam code, but you'll need to get the lowdown on differentiating similar diagnoses from one another. Check out this quick primer for information on how to code these services. 1. Consider Primary Reason for Visit If the primary diagnosis for a patient's visit is a routine check-up, and the ophthalmologist finds a condition such as blepharitis or conjunctivitis as a secondary finding, the practice should still code for a routine visit. Example: A new patient comes in for a routine eye exam. The ophthalmologist performs a comprehensive exam and discovers tear film insufficiency. Report 92004 (Ophthalmological services: medical [...]