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Find Out Whether Your 2011 ICD-9 Coding Skills Pass Muster

After you calculate your score, consider studying any diagnosis coding areas where you struggled. Do you feel like you aced our 2011 ICD-9 coding quiz on page xx? Check out the following answers and determine whether you're a pro. Answer 1: B. In the past, you may have reported A, C, or D for this diagnosis, because the ICD-9 manual did not include a specific code for spinal stenosis of the lumbar region with neurogenic claudication. However, you must now report 724.03 for this diagnosis, because it most accurately describes the condition. Your physician may perform diagnostic neuromuscular electrodiagnostic tests to determine whether the symptoms in a patient's extremities can be classified as neurogenic claudication due to stenosis. These may include electromyography (EMG, 95860-95872) nerve conduction studies (NCS, 95900-95904), or H-reflex tests (95934). If neurogenic claudication is not found, you may still resort to reporting other ICD-9 codes; however, if [...]

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Part B Insider (Multispecialty) Coding Alert

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