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Outpatient Facility Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Don't Forget to Link 832.00 With 24640 for Nursemaid Elbow

Question: Our physician treated a 2-year-old child for nursemaid elbow. What procedure code represents this procedure, and what ICD-9 code should I report on this claim?

Oklahoma Subscriber

Answer: You’ll report the procedure with 24640 (Closed treatment of radial head subluxation in child, nursemaid elbow, with manipulation).

On the claim, be sure to link 832.00 (Closed dislocation of elbow unspecified) to 24640 to represent the patient’s affliction.

You’ll typically be able to report a separate evaluation and management code along with 24640, since the physician will take a history, examine the patient, and then make the medical decision before treating the injury.

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