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Outpatient Facility Coding Alert

ICD-10-CM Coding:
Try Out These 2 Demanding ICD-10-CM Surgical Setting Scenarios
Use all guidelines at your disposal for post-surgical complications Getting to the bottom... Read more
Learn The Ropes of Modifier 53 Coding for Terminated Biopsies
Consider a number of variables, including use of CT guidance. Biopsy coding can become a ... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Get Answers to 4 Pertinent Skin Biopsy Questions
Use these FAQs as a reference for your future skin biopsy claims. Any general surgery cod... Read more
Reader Question:
Know How MUEs Can Affect Bilateral Billing
Question: Why might I be receiving a denial for frequency when submitting two units of 301... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Patient History Before Reporting 42225
Question: How should I code an operative note note that involves the surgeon performing a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Stay-Tuned for New Vaping Disorder Code
Question: I've heard there's a new diagnosis code coming out for patients with vaping-rela... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Factor Pressure Ulcer Stage Into Coding Determination
Question: I am looking for the code(s) to report for the debridement of an infected stage ... Read more
Case Studies:
Outline Myringoplasty, Tympanic Membrane Repair Codes With 4 Examples
See how a harvested tissue graft plays a key role. Outpatient facilities performing surge... Read more
ICD-10-CM Coding:
Test Your Cancer Dx Coding Skills With 2 Tricky Examples
See how NCD guidelines can influence your code selection. When working on a nuanced surgi... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Take Your RS&I Coding to the Next Level With This Guide
Check out numerous examples spanning multiple specialties. Radiological supervision and i... Read more
Reader Question:
Dive Deep Into This NCCI Edit Rule
Question: We've begun receiving denials when reporting 36478 with 36471. I found the Cente... Read more
Reader Question:
Know How to Handle LCD Non-Covered Dxs
Question: Does Medicare restrict coverage to only the diagnoses listed under the code's Lo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Check MUEs for Upper, Lower Labial Frenum Incision
Question: The surgeon documents an incision of the labial frenum for both upper and lower ... Read more